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Wednesday 28 November, 2001

Orchestream Hldgs

New Software

Orchestream Holdings PLC
28 November 2001

             Orchestream Announces Service Activator 3.1

    New version of Service Activator supports Metropolitan Ethernet Services; 
             New IP-Sec based VPN services and Customer Self-Provisioning

London, New York, November 28, 2001 - Orchestream, a leading provider of
service activation and performance management software to global
telecommunications network operators, today announced a series of significant
enhancements to its award winning Service Activator software.

In addition to existing support for Layer 3 VPNs using MPLS, QoS and security
management, Service Activator 3.1 adds support for Layer 2 services using MPLS
and VLANs, Layer 3 services using IPSec and multi-network VPNs. This gives
service providers a single platform to automate the management of a very broad
range of network features to deliver real-time, dynamic services.

Service Activator 3.1 features a series of web interfaces and a Java toolkit
that network operators can use to create web portals to enable customer
self-provisioning. It also includes seamless integration with InfoVista to
deliver one-touch activation and assurance of VPNs and other services.

Ashley Ward, Chief Executive of Orchestream, commented, 'We are delighted to
announce this important new version of Service Activator. It demonstrates our
strategic commitment to building an automated, intelligent platform to help
network operators address the real challenges of managing large-scale,
multi-vendor environments to accelerate the deployment of services.'

The applications of the new product include:

Metro Ethernet Services

Many Service Providers are embracing Ethernet as the de facto emerging
standard for metro data services. Metro Ethernet is attractive as both the
Service Provider and the customer benefit from lower prices than traditional
TDM services, and the technology is familiar, proven and robust, and is
ideally suited to common applications like Ethernet LAN Interconnect.

The two main network functions that need to be managed or activated to deliver
services are VLAN configuration and Layer 2 MPLS VPN management. Service
Activator 3.1 supports the ability to configure these features on Cisco CatOS,
Juniper and Riverstone equipment, with more vendors to be announced in 2002.
The new product supports the L2 MPLS management frameworks in the Martini,
Lasserre and Kompella drafts from the IETF.

IPSec and Multi-network VPN Management

IP Sec -This addition gives service providers a wider choice of technologies
to choose from when providing VPN services: with this release of the product,
providers can now offer both provider-provisioned IP Sec and MPLS VPNs from
the same console.   IPSec VPNs create encrypted and authenticated IP tunnels
from site to site across an IP network.

Mike Barth, COLT's Director of Internet Hosting commented, 'We are happy to
see that with version 3.1 of Service Activator, Orchestream has expanded its
support of technologies for delivering IP services to include IPsec.  As one
of Europe's leading business network solutions providers, COLT is using IPsec
to help deliver our InterSecure IP-VPN service to our corporate customers. We
are now using Orchestream's technology to help us deliver this service more
quickly and reliably than could be achieved with traditional methods of IP
service activation.'

Multi-network VPN Management - Large service providers often have several
geographically disparate networks, each of which normally has their own
separate, autonomous routing area. Using the multi-network VPN management
capability, all of these autonomous systems can be managed from a single point
to deliver end-to-end services. This means that the service provider is able
to offer large multinational enterprise customers a cross-border service
offering but with a consistent service level, and a single reporting and
billing centre.

Customer Web Interface and Java Toolkit

These features enable service providers to offer their customers
self-provisioning web interfaces, to allow their enterprise customers to
order, view and amend a range of services sold to them without manual
intervention by the provider.  The interface can be optimised for web
self-management or centralised workflow provisioning, for example, call centre

The interface can be easily re-branded by the service provider for additional
marketing impact, to be sold as proprietary tool.  The interface works in
concert with the operator profile feature, so that the service provider can
delimit the service settings that their customer is able to alter, so network
and service integrity is assured.

The toolkit also provides the ability to create interfaces that link with
other OSS platforms, so that data from billing, fault or performance
measurement software can also be shown together.

Enhanced, flexible multi-vendor support

In 3.1, there are three changes to the product to deliver a broader range of
device control functions:

New Device Drivers - Service Activator 3.1 supports a driver for Cisco Layer 2
devices running CatOS in addition to existing drivers.

Enhancements to existing Device Drivers - Significant enhancements are
available in the drivers for Cisco IOS, Juniper, Riverstone and Unisphere to
deliver the new Layer 2 and 3 MPLS, VLAN and IPSec management functionality
described above.

Custom management components  -- Customers are increasingly demanding a single
control platform that automates all aspects of network configuration - either
for administrative tasks or for service activation. Service Activator 3.1
addresses this requirement by allowing customized management components to be
created to manage specific network device features through the Service
Activator platform. In effect, this means that Orchestream can add automated
support for new features and devices more quickly than before, and customers
benefit through not having to deploy multiple management systems to control
their network.

SLA Management for VPNs

When Orchestream is being used to manage VPNs, the new product can configure
the network so that the appropriate SLA tests are switched on between specific
sites on the VPNs. Service Activator can automatically share this information
with InfoVista so that it can report on the performance of the services. The
reports that are generated appear as part of the Orchestream User Interface in

'Cost-effective delivery of IP services means introducing automation and
intelligence wherever possible. As carriers strive to differentiate themselves
based on both price and performance, products like Orchestream's Service
Activator have an important role to play', commented Elisabeth Rainge,
Director Next-Gen OSS and Billing, IDC.

Pricing and availability

Service Activator will be available to customers from Q1, 2002. The product is
configured in a modular fashion, and pricing of the product is dependent on
the modules purchased.

About Orchestream -

Orchestream (London:OCH and NASDAQ:OCHS) is a leading provider of service
activation and performance management software to the telecommunications
industry.  Orchestream's software enables service providers to unlock the
potential of their networks by offering a profitable range on new, value-added
services to their corporate customers.  Orchestream's customers include AT&T,
BT, Cable and Wireless, COLT, Energis, Interoute, Teleglobe, Telewest
Broadband, and Worldcom. For more information visit, or
call: Europe +44 (0) 20 7348 1500 or North America: (212) 629 3134.

This news release may contain statements of a forward-looking nature relating
to probable financial performance of Orchestream Holdings plc.  Such
statements are based upon the information currently available to management,
and they necessarily involve risk because actual results could differ
materially from current expectations.  Among the many factors that could cause
actual results to differ from those set forth in the Company's forward-looking
statements are changes in general economic conditions, actions taken by
customers or competitors, and the receipt of more or fewer orders than

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