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The Investegate you see today can be traced back to the 1980s when it was called CitiService then owned by the Post Office and passed on to British Telecom, now BT. At that time, it wasn’t on the internet at all, instead being more of a teletext-type service available via a terminal and a TV. When British Telecom were privatised, the business became known as Prestel.

Although touted as the forerunner to the internet, Prestel peaked at just 90,000 users and was sold off to Scottish Power in 1994.

In 1998, a small start-up financial data company called Financial Express bought the Prestel service from Scottish Power and offered this CitiService mainly to corporate clients, such as Updata, via a private network

CitiService carried on as a standalone product until Financial Express acquired Trustnet in the early 2000s and it was decided to put CitiService on the internet, but renamed UK Wire.

The legacy CitiService business was eventually closed down and UK Wire proved very popular with internet investors keen to see the latest regulatory news (RNS), generating around 2 million page views each month.

In 2006, UK Wire was renamed Investegate to reflect the ‘electronic’ nature of the service that allowed investors to investigate companies they were thinking of trading on the markets.

Throughout the following years, Investegate has served as a hugely reliable and trusted source of providing timely RNS alerts to investors interested in listed UK stocks.

By 2023, parent company Financial Express had grown exponentially into a global fund data business, now known as FE fundinfo and Investegate has now been acquired by Stockomendation, one of the UK’s leading retail investor information websites.

Expect to see an evolution of additional information, tools and analysis over the coming months and years to enhance the Investegate investor experience.

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