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Unilever PLC (ULVR)

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Tuesday 09 May, 2006

Unilever PLC

AGM Statement

Unilever PLC
09 May 2006

                                  UNILEVER PLC


                            ALL RESOLUTIONS APPROVED

Unilever PLC shareholders today approved all resolutions put to the annual
general meeting and the separate meeting of ordinary shareholders in London.
Voting was by poll on each resolution and the results are set out below.

All resolutions put to the annual general meeting and separate class meetings in
Rotterdam on 8 May 2006 were also approved.


All continuing directors stood for election and were duly re-elected. These were
Patrick Cescau, Kees van der Graaf, Ralph Kugler, Rudy Markham, Antony Burgmans,
Leon Brittan Lynda Chalker, Wim Dik, David Simon and Jeroen van der Veer.
Charles Golden, Byron Grote, Jean-Cyril Spinetta and Kees Storm were proposed
for election for the first time and were duly elected.

Bertrand Collomb, Oscar Fanjul and Hilmar Kopper retired as non-executive
directors at the meeting.

David Simon replaces Bertrand Collomb as the Senior Independent Director.


All resolutions relating to the Corporate Structure Review were also approved.

  • To allow greater flexibility in the allocation of assets between both
    parent companies
  • To allow shareholders the right, taking into account the need to ensure
    unity of management, to nominate candidates for election as Directors.


Shareholders also approved the share capital consolidation by which holders of
Unilever PLC ordinary shares at 6pm on Friday 19 May 2006 will exchange 20
existing Unilever PLC ordinary shares of 1.4 pence each for 9 new Unilever PLC
ordinary shares of 3 1/9 pence each. Dealings in the new shares are expected to
commence on Monday 22 May 2006.

As a result of the share capital consolidation, the Unilever PLC American
Depositary Receipt (ADR) which comprised four Unilever PLC ordinary shares of
1.4 pence each will be changed to comprise one Unilever PLC new ordinary share
of 3 1/9 pence. Citibank N.A., the depositary for the Unilever PLC ADR
programme, will issue to each registered ADR holder as of 19 May 2006 0.8
Unilever PLC ADR for each Unilever PLC ADR held as of 19 May 2006.

Fractions of both ordinary shares and ADRs will be aggregated and sold in the
market with the cash proceeds being distributed to entitled share and ADR


The remaining resolutions were all approved.


RESOLUTION                           FOR         %      AGAINST      %      VOTE

1.To receive the Reports and     1,710,840,398  99.87    2,196,246  0.13  13,910,134
Accounts for the year ended 31
December 2005
2.To approve the Directors       1,461,313,785  92.00  127,136,044  8.00  48,649,629
Remuneration Report for the
year ended 31 December 2005
3.To declare a dividend of       1,723,425,566  99.98      391,725  0.02   3,133,681
13.54 pence on the Ordinary
4.To re-elect Mr P J Cescau as   1,713,452,507  99.80    3,362,318  0.20   3,536,540
a Director
5.To re-elect Mr C J van der     1,712,647,126  99.77    3,954,636  0.23   3,743,462
Graaf as a Director
6.To re-elect Mr R D Kugler as   1,712,840,270  99.77    3,957,120  0.23   3,545,789
a Director
7.To re-elect Mr R H P Markham   1,665,074,176  99.75    4,154,334  0.25  51,076,083
as a Director
8.To re-elect Mr A Burgmans as   1,647,987,865  96.06   67,518,351  3.94   4,824,805
a Director
9.To re-elect The Rt Hon The     1,611,951,310  99.85    2,397,837  0.15  19,076,305
Lord Brittan of Spennithorne as
a Director
10.To re-elect The Rt Hon The    1,715,541,711  99.93    1,179,678  0.07   3,590,630
Baroness Chalker of Wallasey
QC, DL as a Director
11.To re-elect Professor W Dik   1,714,534,141  99.89    1,903,883  0.11   3,871,102
as a Director
12.To re-elect The Lord Simon    1,715,252,931  99.92    1,397,240  0.08   3,643,224
of Highbury CBE as a Director
13.To re-elect Mr J van der      1,714,796,040  99.90    1,698,963  0.10   3,804,721
Veer as a Director
14.To elect Mr C E Golden as a   1,716,158,067  99.97      459,464  0.03   3,708,181
15.To elect Dr B Grote as a      1,608,627,976  99.59    6,659,156  0.41  18,173,959
16.To elect Mr J-C Spinetta as   1,711,091,385  99.69    5,406,784  0.31   3,840,358
a Director
17.To elect Mr K J Storm as a    1,707,655,928  99.67    5,655,615  0.33   7,022,838
18.To re-appoint                 1,599,852,023  99.05   15,316,023  0.95  16,778,749
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as
Auditors of the Company
19.To authorise the Directors    1,705,781,647  99.33   11,514,117  0.67   3,037,586
to fix the remuneration of the
20.To renew the authority to     1,707,643,136  99.16   14,483,704  0.84   3,292,616
Directors to issue shares
21.To renew the authority to     1,717,978,171  99.59    7,108,281  0.41   1,809,479
Directors to disapply
pre-emption rights
22.To renew the authority to     1,712,538,051  99.73    4,606,316  0.27   3,154,312
the Company to purchase its own
23.To give authority to align    1,717,310,922  99.93    1,214,438  0.07   8,407,437
the dividend generating
capacity and dividend
24.To amend the Deed of Mutual   1,709,633,503  99.92    1,343,908  0.08   9,266,149
25.To consolidate Unilever       1,720,594,537  99.93    1,270,344  0.07   5,014,229
PLC's share capital
26.To amend the Articles of      1,708,830,152  99.76    4,144,147  0.24   7,290,244
Association in relation to
board nominations
27.To amend the Articles of      1,592,957,129  98.83   18,924,278  1.17  21,440,927
Association in relation to
Directors' remuneration

Votes cast as a percentage of the issued share capital was approximately 58.58%.

Meeting of Ordinary

Amendment to the Equalisation    1,767,349,990  99.91    1,509,001  0.09   8,717,270

Votes cast as a percentage of the issued share capital was approximately 61.04%.

A copy of the resolution put to shareholders has been submitted to the UK
Listing Authority and will shortly be available for inspection at the UK Listing
Authority's Document Viewing Facility.

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