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Mitel Corporation. (55PT)

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Monday 09 April, 2001

Mitel Corporation.

New Demodulator ICs

Mitel Corporation
9 April 2001

New demodulator chips from Mitel Corporation boost performance of satellite
and terrestrial digital television

:: Ultra-fast auto-scan capability speeds channel acquisition

:: Demodulators combine with Mitel tuners to deliver fast route to market

Ottawa, Canada - Mitel Corporation (NYSE/TSE:MLT; LSE: MLT.L) today announced
two demodulator ICs that boost performance in satellite and terrestrial
set-top boxes (STB), integrated television sets, and PC applications.

The MT312 for satellite applications, and the MT351 for terrestrial receivers,
provide ultra-fast auto-scan capability, which enables systems to rapidly
detect and tune digital television channels delivered by satellite and
terrestrial links. The devices also support interactive services such as two-
way television, e-commerce, video-on-demand and digital video encoding.

The MT312 and MT351 demodulators have also been combined with Mitel's tuners
in two new reference designs that offer complete front-end solutions. Building
on Mitel's expertise in RF, tuner, and STB integrated circuit design, the
solutions speed time-to-market for equipment manufacturers by reducing
hardware and software design-in cycles. The reference designs reduce
manufacturing costs by eliminating the need for production alignment and RF

'Mitel's new demodulator ICs have been carefully designed to provide the most
direct and cost-effective route to market,' said Jim Wallace, program manager,
Mitel Semiconductor. 'They kick-off our roadmap to deliver further
integration, cost reduction and increased functionality to support integrated
home-networking services for voice, data and video.'

:: Digital television poised for high growth

According to Cahners In-Stat Group, the market for digital and Integrated
Digital Television (iDTV) is expected to be over US $4 billion by 2004, up
from US $800 million in 2000. Broadband interactive TV services such as e-
commerce, pay-per-view sports, and personal video recording are going to drive
this market. Datacasting services, which provide data services over
terrestrial and satellite links, are already fuelling strong demand for
digital PC tuner applications.

'With so many factors contributing to the growth of digital television, there
are major opportunities for any company that can bring complete, easy-to-
implement solutions to market,' said Gerry Kaufhold, principal analyst for
Cahners In-Stat Group. 'Supplying a turnkey solution that eliminates the cost
and time associated with RF screening and production alignment should position
Mitel to be a leader in this huge new industry.'

:: Devices enhance performance with ultra-fast auto-scan capability

The MT312 is a single-chip variable rate digital Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
(QPSK) satellite demodulator. The device integrates two 6-bit ADC converters
and a unique controller for acquisition and tracking modes that ensure minimal
interaction, maximum flexibility, and the fastest auto-scan capability of any
chip on the market today. With the ability to scan across the complete Astra
band in under 10 seconds, the device enhances performance by enabling channels
to be quickly acquired and tuned.

The MT351 demodulator incorporates advanced Coded Orthogonal Frequency
Division Multiplex (COFDM) technology that optimises performance in the
presence of low carrier-to-noise ratios. This provides broadcasters with wider
coverage and lower power dissipation, while enhancing reception. The MT351 is
easy to program, minimises software control overhead on the main system
processor, and provides very fast auto-search capability. In the United
Kingdom, the device is able to scan across the complete UHF band in under six
seconds, positioning it among the fastest devices on the market.

:: Reference designs simplify tuner design and reduce time-to-market

The two demodulator ICs have been integrated into reference designs that
provide complete front-end solutions. The satellite network interface module
(SNIM) integrates Mitel's SL1935 satellite tuner and the new MT312
demodulator. The module complies to the digital satellite system (DSS)
specification used for DirectTV in the United States, as well as the digital
video broadcast for satellite (DVB-S) standard deployed in Europe and around
the world.

The terrestrial network interface module (TNIM) includes the MT351 demodulator
with a SEM, Siel or Alps tuner. The module enables fast time-to- market for
systems compliant to the digital video broadcast for terrestrial (DVB-T)

:: Price and availability

The SL1935 is available to order, supplied in a 36-pin SSOP with tape and reel
option, for under US $2.20 in 100K volumes. Packaged in an 80-pin MQFP, the
MT312 is sampling now, and will be available for US $3.90 in 100K volumes. The
MT351 is also sampling now, offered in an 80-pin MQFP package, and priced at
US $10.99 in 100K volumes.

Both designs are available now, fully supported with a database of layout
files and schematics.

The devices will be showcased at MediaCast 2001, May 21-23, ExCel Exhibition
and Conference Centre, Docklands, London, Booth L50. Applications information,
photos, and data sheets can be downloaded from

:: About Mitel Corporation

Mitel Corporation is a global provider of communications semiconductors for
converging voice and data networks in an Internet economy. Backed by a strong
technology portfolio, some 2,300 customer-focused employees world-wide, and
sales in more than 100 countries, the company delivers broadband connectivity
solutions targeted to wireline, wireless and optical markets. In Fiscal 2000,
Mitel Corporation had annual revenues from semiconductor operations of $600
million. For more information visit

Certain statements in this press release constitute forward-looking statements
within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks,
uncertainties, and other factors which may cause the actual results,
performance or achievements of the company, to be materially different from
any future results, performance, or achievements expressed or implied by such
forward-looking statements. Such risks, uncertainties and assumptions include,
among others, the risks discussed in documents filed by the Company with the
Securities and Exchange Commission. Investors are encouraged to consider the
risks detailed in those filings.

A fact file on the MT312 and MT351 follows.

:: Fact File

This file relates to the news release issued by Mitel Corporation on April 9,
2001 and titled New Demodulator Chips from Mitel Corporation Enhance
Performance of Satellite and Terrestrial Digital Television.

:: MT312 - Key features and benefits

- Accepts baseband in-phase and quadrature analogue signals

- Delivers an MPEG or DSS packet data stream

- Fast auto scan capability

- Very low power operation

- Digital filtering supports 1 to 45Mbaud symbol rates

- Very fine bandwidth control eliminates performance degradation from phase
and thermal noise

- Built in acquisition and tracking algorithms

- Viterbi or Reed Solomon demodulators with access to error rates at system

- On-chip Digital Satellite Equipment Control (DiSEqC) v2.2 receive/transmit
for full control of LNB dish

- Low-voltage, 1.8v technology eliminates the need for thermal management

:: MT351 - Key features and benefits

- Accepts direct 36Mhz input, reducing tuner complexity and cost

- Direct interface to all common MPEG2 transport de-multiplexer processor

- Operation in either 2K or 8K carrier modes

- Fast auto scan capability

- Very low power operation

- Forward Error Correction (FEC) demodulator addresses all modes of

- Ten-bit ADC, 4 bit Viterbi and tuner control pass through enhances reception

- Low noise I2C compatible master two-wire bus.

- Low-voltage, 1.8v technology eliminates the need for thermal management

(x) DiSEqC is a trademark of EUTELSAT

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