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ZimNRG plc (ZIMO)

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Friday 26 February, 2010

ZimNRG plc

Issue of Equity

Zim NRG Plc
Shares in Issue and issue of equity to directors in lieu of salary

In accordance with the Transparency Directive the Directors of Zim NRG confirm that there are
currently 44,607,857 ordinary shares of 1p nominal value in issue.

The Directors of ZimNRG Plc announce that pursuant to the Executive Directors service contracts 
(as disclosed in Part IV para 6.2 (b) of the Offer Document) the following shares were issued in
respect of Directors' Fees and Executives' services for the periods to November 30 2009 and to 28
February, 2010:

To:   Mr. Alan Mason                      541,032 shares
      Mr. Christopher Latilla-Campbell    566,757 shares
      Jonathan de Thierry                 300,000 shares
                                        1,407,789 shares issued

Shares were issued in accordance with the Executive Directors' service contracts.

Summary of total of Directors' shareholdings:

|Director                     |Number of shares |% shares in issue|
|Christopher Latilla-Campbell |2,780,793        |  6.23         |
|Alan Mason                   |2,040,226        |  4.57         |
|Jonathan de Thierry          |1,700,000        |  3.81         |
|TOTAL                        |6,521,019        | 14.62         |

The total number of shares in issue is 44,607,857.

(Christopher Latilla-Campbell is a potential beneficiary of the Somers Investments Limited holding
of 14,250,000 shares, representing 31.95% of the shares in issue).

The Company has been advised that subsequent to this issue of shares in respect directors' fees
that Christopher Latilla Campbell has a notifiable interest in the securities of the company of
6.23%, that Alan Mason has a notifiable interest in the securities of the company of 4.57% and
that Jonathan de Thierry has a notifiable interest of 3.81%

The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for the Content of this announcement.

Contact: Christopher Latilla-Campbell ZimNRG Plc

Peter Freeman Loeb Aron & Co Ltd 020 7628 1128

ZimNRG plc