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Tuesday 21 August, 2007


Directors' Shareholdings

In compliance with Disclosure and Transparency Rule 3.1.4, and following the
offer (the Offer) by Maltby Limited to acquire the whole of the issued and to
be issued share capital of EMI Group plc (the Company) being declared
unconditional in all respects on 17th August 2007, the Company announces that
options granted to certain Executive Directors under the 1995 Executive Share
Option Scheme (ESOS) and 2003 Executive Share Incentive Plan (ESIP) were
exercised on 21st August 2007 as a consequence of the change of control of the
Company resulting from the Offer.  

Awards of shares granted to certain Executive Directors under the Company's
Senior Executive Incentive Plan (SEIP) and the ESIP that would have vested as a
consequence of the change of control (after application of any performance
targets and pro-rating for time) have been cancelled in return for a cash
payment equal to the price per share paid under the Offer. 

Shares acquired on the exercise of options:

Scheme Type of Grant   No. of shares       Exercise price    No. of shares     
       award   date    originally under    per share (if     acquired on       
                       option              any)              exercise          
Eric Nicoli                                                                    
ESOS   Option  21.6.02 826,141             243.3p            826,141           
Roger Faxon                                                                    
ESOS Option    21.6.02 283,000             244p              283,000           
ESIP Option    17.6.05 233,302             254.25p           101,247           

Awards in respect of which a cash payment will be made:

Scheme Type of   Award   No. of shares         Exercise    Notional no. of     
       award     date    originally awarded    price per   shares in respect of
                         (including SEIP       share (if   which cash payment  
                         matching awards)      any)        made                
Eric Nicoli                                                                    
SEIP   Incentive 31.5.01 110,433               Nil         110,433             
Roger Faxon                                                                    
SEIP Incentive   31.5.01 93,833                Nil         93,833              
SEIP Performance 15.6.01 138,404               Nil         138,404             
ESIP Performance 2.8.06  658,794               Nil         171,918             

All of the shares resulting from the exercise of options have been tendered to
the Offer.   The relevant Director will receive 265p in cash for each share
acquired on the exercise of options on 21st August 2007 and for the
cancellation of each award of shares granted under the SEIP and the ESIP.   The
total sum, less any exercise price and the income and social security taxes
relevant to the jurisdiction in which he resides, will be paid to the Director
in due course, in accordance with the terms of the Offer.

The balance of any of the grants or awards referred to above that has not
vested will lapse.