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Pan African Resources PLC (PAF)

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Thursday 31 March, 2005

Pan African Resources PLC

Final Results

Embargoed Release: 07:00hrs 31 March 2005

                           PAN AFRICAN RESOURCES PLC                           
                               AND SUBSIDIAIRES                                

                                 FINAL RESULTS                                 

                    FOR THE PERIOD ENDED 30 SEPTEMBER 2004                     


Dear Shareholder

This is Pan African Resources plc's (Pan African) first Annual Report since the
acquisition of the two exploration subsidiaries and re-admission to trading on
AIM on the 8th September 2004.


The group has a focused mission for gold exploration in Africa and commenced
trading with two advancing projects in Mozambique and Ghana. The Mozambique
project, Manica, is in an industry recognised gold area and on acquisition had
significant gold values in mineralisations outlined by drill holes in its West
Fair Bride project area. The Ghana project (Wa Project) in the northern part of
the country also has an inferred resource of some 370,000 ounces of gold with
significant upside potential.

Since the re-admission to AIM further exploration and reverse circulation
drilling has taken place on both projects and as announced previously the group
has significantly increased its information base of the project areas.

In the Manica project drill assay results have not yet been received.

On the Wa project previously discovered areas have been further drill tested
for infill and extensions both at depth and along strike. Some significant
intersections have been obtained including 10 meters @ 6.44 g/t gold (including
4 meters @ 14.25 g/t gold) and 7meters @ 9.93 g/t gold ( including 4 meters @
16.47 g/t gold).

The Wa Project Collette property which has only been superficially tested
indicates major potential and is currently the site of exploration drilling to
test this potential.

Despite some negative pressure on the gold price including suggestions that the
US Dollar may strengthen and potential IMF gold sales, the metal has remained
resilient. Consequently the requirement for new gold discoveries is paramount
to most major gold producers since their reserve bases are being depleted
against increased production.

Your Board remains convinced that Africa in general has the optimum mix of
geological potential and acceptable political risk and thus compares favourably
with other regions of the world.

The group has and continues to pursue the acquisition of further gold interests
to enhance shareholder value. It is expected that one or more transactions will
be concluded during the first half of 2005.

The initial period of an emerging mining company is inevitably one of
consolidation. Having consolidated assets and systems I feel confident that the
year 2005 will lead to the positive development of our current portfolio and
the acquisition of other potentially valuable projects.

The directors report that for the 18 month period to 30 September 2004 the
group returned a loss of £164,231 compared with a loss in the previous 12 month
period of £62,067 reflecting the additional overheads arising from the group's
enhanced activity. The cash balance at 30 September 2004 was £1,208,255 and the
cash balance at the date of this report was approximately £700,000.

Finally, I would like to thank my fellow directors and management for the
focused work during the period under review noting the resignation of Mr Trygve
Kroepelien on 29 March 2005 and thank him for his valuable support during the
formative stages of the group.


Colin Bird

Tel: 020 7590 8806

30 March 2005

For further information please contact:

Nathan Steinberg
Director, White Knight Investments Plc
Tel. 07768 116 866

Adam Reynolds / Ben Simons
Hansard Communications
Tel. 020 7245 1100

                           PAN AFRICAN RESOURCES PLC                           
                               AND SUBSIDIARIES                                

Period ended 30 September 2004

                                                         30/09/04      31/03/03
                                                                £             £
Administrative expenses - (operating loss)              (178,374)      (80,492)
Gain/ (loss) on disposal of fixed asset                         -         3,246
                                                          _______       _______
                                                        (178,374)      (77,246)
Interest receivable                                        14,143        15,179
                                                          _______       _______
Loss on ordinary activities before taxation             (164,231)      (62,067)
Tax on loss on ordinary activities                              -             -
                                                          _______       _______
Loss for the financial period                           (164,231)      (62,067)
                                                          =======       =======
Loss per ordinary share - basic                           (0.09p)       (0.05p)
                                                          =======       =======


                                                30/09/04               30/03/03
                                       £               £          £           £
Fixed assets                                                                   
Intangible assets                              3,831,710                      -
Investments                                       24,200                 29,200
                                               _________               ________
                                               3,855,910                 29,200
Current assets                                                                 
Debtors                           18,434                      1,000            
Cash at bank                   1,224,133                    570,644            
                               _________                  _________            
                               1,242,567                    571,644            
Creditors: amounts falling     (107,163)                   (28,973)            
due within one year                                                            
                               _________                  _________            
                                               1,135,404                542,671
                                               _________               ________
Total assets less current                      4,991,314                571,871
                                                ========               ========
Capital and reserves                                                           
Share capital                                  3,520,000              1,300,000
Share premium account                          2,404,829              1,526,155
Merger reserve                                 1,485,000                      -
Profit and loss account                      (2,418,515)            (2,254,284)
                                               _________              _________
Shareholders' funds                            4,991,314                571,871
                                               =========              =========

Period ended 30 September 2004

                                                    30/09/04         31/03/03
                                                           £                £
Cash flow statement                                                          
Net cash outflow from operating                    (118,199)         (99,336)
Returns on investments and servicing of               14,143           15,179
Capital expenditure and financial                  (777,405)            3,250
Acquisitions                                        (43,724)                -
Financing                                          1,578,674                -
                                               _____________     ____________
Increase/(Decrease) in cash                          653,489         (80,907)
                                                ============      ===========

                    NOTES TO THE UNAUDITED INTERIM ACCOUNTS                    
                    Eighteen Months Ended 30 September 2004                    

1   The calculation of earnings per share is based on the losses of £164,231
    and on the number of shares in issue being the adjusted weighted average
    number of shares in issue totalling 170,803,279.
    The fully diluted earnings per share are based on 170,803,279 ordinary shares
    allowing for the full exercise of outstanding share purchase options and the
    earnings as stated above. There is no dilutive effect in the period and in the
    previous period in accordance with FRS 14 paragraph 56.

2   The comparative figures were for the year to 31 March 2003.

3   The financial information set out above does not constitute statutory
    accounts within the meaning of s.240 of the Companies Act 1985.

4   Copies of the Statement are available to the public free of charge from the
    company at Manfield House, 2nd Floor, 1 Southampton Street, London WC2R 0LR
    during normal office hours, Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays excepted, for
    31 days from today.