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Capita Group PLC (CPI)

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Wednesday 21 March, 2001

Capita Group PLC

Holding in Company

Capita Group PLC
21 March 2001

20 March 2001

Re:  Outstanding Share Ownership

This letter is filed on behalf of Janus Capital Corporation ('JCC') pursuant to
the Disclosure of Interests in Shares (Amendment) Regulations 1993 (SI 1993 No.
1919) for the purpose of reporting an increase in ownership of shares of Capita
Group PLC (the 'Company').  JCC is an investment adviser registered under the
U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940 that provides investment advice to various
mutual funds and other accounts ('JCC Clients').  The shares of the Company were
acquired by JCC on behalf of various JCC Clients only for investment purposes
and not to exercise control over the Company.

Pursuant to the regulations, the following information is provided with respect
to JCC and its share ownership of the Company:

Address:                         100 Fillmore Street
                                 Denver, Colorado 80206-4928

Type of Entity:                  Corporation

State and Country
of Organization:                 Colorado, USA

Nature of Interest:              JCC is acting solely in its capacity as        
                                 investment adviser to JCC Clients.  JCC has no 
                                 economic interest (e.g., the right to dividends
                                 or proceeds from sale) in the Company's shares.
                                 JCC generally has the right to vote shares of  
                                 portfolio companies held on behalf of JCC      

Ownership:                       As of the close of business (New York time) on 
                                 Thursday, March 15, 2001, JCC had voting and/or
                                 dispositive power with respect to an aggregate 
                                 of 32,688,062 Ordinary Shares of the Company on
                                 behalf of various JCC Clients.  Such shares    
                                 include 22,638,155 shares which are held by JCC
                                 on behalf of Janus Investment Fund ('JIF'), a  
                                 Massachusetts business trust registered as an  
                                 open-end investment company under the U.S.     
                                 Investment Company Act of 1940.  Our records   
                                 indicate that JCC currently holds 5.02% of the 
                                 outstanding Ordinary Shares of the Company on  
                                 behalf of JCC Clients (3.48% on behalf of JIF).
                                 The above percentage was calculated based on   
                                 our understanding that the Company has         
                                 651,029,496 Ordinary Shares outstanding.

From:  Rick Grove (Compliance Manager, Janus)

Capita were notified of this change on:                 21/03/01

Capita's current number of shares in issue is:          656 686 807