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Allied Leisure PLC (~073)

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Monday 18 September, 2000

Allied Leisure PLC

Acquisition of Interest

Allied Leisure PLC
18 September 2000

                   Allied Leisure PLC
   Leisure Link & Megabowl acquire stake in Lan Arena,
    the UK's premier PC multiplayer gaming business.

Leisure  Link  Group  Ltd, the UK's  largest  pay-to-play
machine  management company and Megabowl Group  Ltd,  the
UK's    leading   operator   of   bowling-based    family
entertainment centres, announce their investment  in  Lan
Arena, the UK's premier networked PC gaming business.

Lan   Arena   offers  networked  PC  gaming  venues   for
individuals or groups of players, utilising state of  the
art  technology.  The business currently  has  venues  at
Nottingham and Bristol Megabowls and will roll out to  at
least another twenty entertainment venues within the next
twelve months.

Since  the business was established at the start of  this
year,  Lan Arena has captured the imagination of some  of
the  largest  names in the PC industry.   It  has  strong
partnerships  with companies such as AMD,  3DFX,  D-Link,
Logitech  and  Evesham Computers.  These  companies  have
provided   Lan  Arena  with  access  to  state-of-the-art
hardware  making  Lan  Arena one of  the  fastest  gaming
networks in the World.

Managing Director Dominic Mulroy commented: 'PC Gaming is
becoming a social leisure activity for the young and  not
so young, the synergy with locating our arenas in already
established   entertainment  centres  such  as   Megabowl
ensures the maximum exposure for hard core gamers as well
as the more casual player.'

During   its   short  history,  Lan  Arena  has   created
significant consumer recognition. In April, the  business
hosted The PC Gamer Unreal Tournament, one of the largest
computer  gaming  tournaments in the UK, attracting  some
400  gamers  from  around the world. More  recently,  Lan
Arena  provided the technological infrastructure for  the
Battletop UK Challenge held in the Millenium Dome on 9th,
10th and 11th September. Plans are currently in place  to
host even larger competitions over the coming months with
prize money expected to reach £50,000.

Leisure Link Group Marketing Director, Chris Simon  said,
' Lan Arena is another important part of the strategy for
Leisure  Link  Group. By providing  the  UK  public  with
access  to a range of different out-of-home entertainment
offers  we  will further demonstrate the huge opportunity
that  exists  within  electronic  leisure.  We  are  also
particularly  excited to be working with  Megabowl  Group
Ltd,  the family entertainment sector leader and a  major
customer  of  Leisure Link. This joint  venture  approach
clearly  demonstrates  the  opportunities  that  can   be
created by innovative partnerships. '

Chris  Storr  of  Megabowl added: 'The  Megabowl  Group's
investment  in  Lan  Arena is an  exciting  part  of  our
strategy to improve the entertainment package within  our
estate  and  our joint venture investors, Allied  Leisure
PLC  and  Duke  Street Capital, will  derive  significant
value from the wider expansion of the Lan Arena concept.'

Further Information:

Leisure Link
Russell Hoyle    
Chief Executive                              07836 700401

Chris Simon           
Group Marketing Director                     07973 807339

Chris Storr            
Chief Financial Officer                      07768 951860

Lan Arena
Dominic Mulroy 
Managing Director                            07798 834187

Allied Leisure
Neil Goulden               
Chief Executive                              07771 963395

Duke Street Capital
Peter Taylor              
Managing Director                            0385 992398

Notes for Editors:

Leisure Link Group Ltd

Leisure  Link  Group  Ltd  manages  90,000  pay  to  play
machines in the leisure retail market including AWP, club
and  casino gaming machines, video and skill games,  pool
tables, juke boxes and payphones.

The company was formed in 1998 through the acquisition of
BLMS from Bass plc. The buy- in was funded by Duke Street
Capital,  Caxton  Iseman  Inc  and  the  Royal  Bank   of

In March 1999, the company acquired Stretton Leisure from
Greenalls  Group  plc  and in January  2000,  acquired  a
majority interest in Maygay Holdings Ltd.

In April 2000, Leisure Link acquired an equity investment
in   Ecast  Inc  together  with  an  exclusive  licensing
agreement to operate the Ecast proposition in the UK.

Leisure Link operates from 25 locations throughout the UK
and employs over 2,400 people.

For more information, visit


Megabowl  is  the UK's leading operator of  bowling-based
family entertainment centres and currently trades from 58
sites, stretching from Aberdeen to Plymouth. The Megabowl
brand has an extensive ( 5 million ) customer base and  a
wide appeal to all socio-economic and age groups with  an
equal  male/female  mix. The Megabowl  Group  Ltd  is  an
innovative 50/50 joint venture between Allied Leisure PLC
and Duke Street Capital.

Lan Arena

Lan  Arena  Ltd  was founded in December  1999  by  three
Nottingham graduates, Dominic Mulroy, David Winfield  and
Vikas Sharma. The business currently trades from Megabowl
venues  in Nottingham and Bristol, each with 32 state  of
the art PCs, networked for multiplayer gaming.

In  April  2000, Lan Arena hosted the largest  PC  gaming
tournament  in  the  UK, sponsored by Infogrames  and  PC
Gamer   magazine.  The  tournament  attracted  over   400
entrants. In September 2000, Lan Arena provided  128  PCs
and  the  network  infrastructure for  the  Battletop  UK
Challenge held at the Millennium Dome.

Allied Leisure PLC

Allied Leisure PLC ('Allied') is a leading quoted leisure
group which operates 3 core leisure brands - 58 Megabowls
through  its joint venture with Duke Street Capital,  170
Rileys  American Pool and Snooker venues  and  35  Burger
King franchised restaurants. Allied will be releasing its
annual  results for the year to 30th June 2000, on Friday
29th September.

Duke Street Capital

Duke  Street Capital ('Duke Street') is one of  the  UK's
leading  private equity providers with a strong  presence
in  the  leisure  sector.  Duke  Street  has  a  majority
interest  in  Leisure Link and a 50% stake  in  Megabowl,
alongside Allied Leisure.