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Weather Lottery plc (BOX)

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Tuesday 08 June, 2010

Weather Lottery plc

Changes in Management and Issue of Options

                             THE WEATHER LOTTERY PLC

                    ('The Weather Lottery' or the 'Company')

                   Changes in Management and Issue of Options

8 June 2010

The   Company  is  pleased  to  announce  the  appointment  of  two  experienced
businessmen  to  its management team as it looks to develop  both  its  existing
lottery  business  and  new  remote gaming activities.   John  Botros  has  been
appointed  as Company Secretary and General Counsel of The Weather  Lottery  and
its  subsidiaries.   Jeff Williams has been appointed as  Managing  Director  of
Chameleon Limited, the new wholly owned subsidiary of the Company focused on non-
lottery  remote gaming activities.  Messrs Botros and Williams have both  become
significant shareholders in the Company during the last six months.

John  Botros was admitted as a Solicitor in 1973 and called to the Bar in  1992.
He  practices as a Barrister from Foregate Chambers in Worcester. He  brings  to
the Company over 35 years of legal experience in the field of commercial law and
has specialized for many years in the smaller listed company sector.

Jeff  Williams  worked  in  the  gaming  sector  in  the  1980s/1990s.  He   has
subsequently  been  Director of a number of companies  in  the  hospitality  and
telecoms sectors. He will bring valuable knowledge and experience in the rapidly
growing  internet and mobile gaming sector which the Board of  the  Company  has
identified as a natural development with the core Lottery product.

Following  these appointments, Keith Milhench will remain focused on  developing
the  Company's lottery business further, while Robert Ross White will  supervise
management and internal accounting control.

As  part of this management restructuring, the Company has today issued a  total
of  24  million  options to subscribe for ordinary shares of 0.1p  each  in  the
Company  to  both  the  new management appointees and existing  directors  ("New
Options").  These  options have been structured to align  the  interest  of  the
management team/Board with those of all shareholders.  The terms of the  Options
are as follows:

Number of Options     Expiry Date           Exercise Period

8,100,000             2 June 2017           0.75p
8,100,000             2 June 2017           1.0p
7,800,000             2 June 2017           1.25p

Of the New Options, the directors and significant shareholders of the Company
have been awarded the following:

                      Number of            Expiry      Exercise
Name                    Options              Date         Price

Keith Milhench             1.6m       2 June 2017         0.75p
                           1.6m       2 June 2017          1.0p
                           1.6m       2 June 2017         1.25p

Lord E T Razzall           1.1m       2 June 2017         0.75p
                           1.1m       2 June 2017          1.0p
                           1.0m       2 June 2017         1.25p

Andy Moore                 1.1m       2 June 2017         0.75p
                           1.1m       2 June 2017          1.0p
                           1.0m       2 June 2017         1.25p

Robert White               1.1m       2 June 2017         0.75p
                           1.1m       2 June 2017          1.0p
                           1.0m       2 June 2017         1.25p

John Botros                1.6m       2 June 2017         0.75p
                           1.6m       2 June 2017          1.0p
                           1.6m       2 June 2017         1.25p

Jeff Williams              1.6m       2 June 2017         0.75p
                           1.6m       2 June 2017          1.0p
                           1.6m       2 June 2017         1.25p

Chairman  Lord  Razzall commented, "We are delighted that  John  and  Jeff  have
decided  to  become  involved in developing the business  and  I  believe  their
experience  will  prove to be invaluable.  They have already demonstrated  their
commitment to our vision for the Company's future with their investment into the
Company's shares, and their new roles endorse this further.  The Board  believes
that  its interests and those of management should be aligned with those of  all
shareholders;  we  believe this is reflected in both the  shareholdings  of  the
Board  and  management and the new option scheme. Indeed the price at which  the
options  can  be exercised is significantly higher than the current share  price
which the Board believes is an indication of their confidence in future growth."


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