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Summit Corporation PLC (SUMM)

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Tuesday 07 October, 2008

Summit Corporation PLC

Re Agreement for Tuberculosis Programme

Summit Corporation plc
("Summit plc" or "the Company")


Oxford, UK, 7 October 2008  - Summit Corporation  plc (AIM: SUMM),  a
leading UK biotechnology company, announces today that it has entered
into a  co-development agreement  for  its early  stage  tuberculosis
("TB") programme  with  the Lilly  TB  Drug Discovery  Initiative,  a
public-private partnership created by the pharmaceutical company  Eli
Lilly and Company (NYSE: LLY) to discover and develop new early stage
TB drug candidates.

Under the  terms  of  the  agreement, the  Lilly  TB  Drug  Discovery
Initiative ("Initiative")  will  have  an exclusive  licence  to  the
compounds discovered by Summit  in the developing  world and will  be
responsible  for  future  research  and  development  costs.   Summit
retains all rights in the developed world to these compounds for  the
treatment of TB and  all other indications, and  will have access  to
any data generated  during the  development of  the programme.  These
data  can  be  used  by  Summit  as  part  of  future   sub-licensing
agreements.  Summit will be a key member of a joint development  team
and will  therefore maintain  close  involvement in  the  programme's
future scientific development.

Steven Lee, PhD,  Chief Executive Officer  of Summit commented:  "The
signing of this agreement with the Lilly TB Drug Discovery Initiative
is an exciting development for our TB programme and Summit is pleased
to be working with  some of the world's  leading drug researchers  in
the field of infectious diseases through this partnership.  I believe
this agreement  will  give our  novel  class of  compounds  the  best
opportunity of  being  developed  into  a  new  and  urgently  needed
medicine for the benefit of TB patients around the world.

 "This agreement highlights the  continued progress Summit is  making
in fulfilling its  strategy of  signing early  stage programme  deals
that immediately remove  costs from the  business while retaining  an
interest in their future success.  Through our innovative  technology
platforms in carbohydrate chemistry and zebrafish biology, Summit has
the assets  to maintain  the  strength of  our  drug pipeline  and  I
anticipate the signing of further agreements in the coming months."

Background to the Lilly TB Drug Discovery Initiative and Summit's  TB

TB remains a serious global health  issue with over one third of  the
World's population suspected to be infected with the disease, and  is
one of  the leading  causes  of death  in  the developing  world.  In
addition, TB has once again become a significant healthcare threat in
the developed world. It is over 30 years since the last new  medicine
to treat TB was launched and there is an increasingly urgent need for
the development  of  new  medicines.  The  Lilly  TB  Drug  Discovery
Initiative has been created and funded by Lilly with the ambition  of
developing new  clinical  candidates  for  TB  medicines.  The  other
members of the  Initiative include the  Infectious Diseases  Research
Institute (IDRI) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious
Diseases (NIAID), part of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Summit's TB programme is based on a novel class of compounds that has
shown excellent  levels of  in  vitro cell-killing  activity  against
Mycobacterium  tuberculosis,  the  bacteria   that  causes  TB.   The
compounds act  via  a mode  of  action  distinct from  all  other  TB
therapies.  Significantly, the compounds are also active against both
multi-drug resistant bacterial  strains and the  dormant form of  the
bacteria emphasising  their potential  ability to  shorten  treatment
regimes (a key issue with current  therapies) and as a treatment  for
latent TB infection.

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For more information, please contact:
Summit plc
Steven Lee, PhD, Chief Executive Officer
Richard Pye, PhD, Investor Relations
Tel: +44 (0)1235 443951; +44 (0)7825 313476
Citigate Dewe Rogerson
Mark Swallow, PhD / David Dible / Emma Palmer Foster
Tel: +44 (0)207 638 9571
Panmure Gordon
Andrew Burnett / Rakesh Sharma (Corporate Finance)
Ashton Clanfield (Corporate Broking)
Tel: +44 (0)207 459 3600

About Summit plc
Summit plc  is  a  leading  UK biotechnology  company  with  a  broad
preclinical  and  clinical  pipeline,  two  world-leading  technology
platforms and  an  innovative  business model  that  is  expected  to
generate sustainable value for investors.
Summit is  developing  multiple  drug programmes  that  target  unmet
medical  needs  from   which  it   intends  to   generate  value   by
out-licensing attractive  late preclinical  or early  clinical  stage
programmes in  return for  upfront, milestone  and royalty  payments.
Summit uses  its  scientific  expertise to  target  orphan  diseases,
neuro-disorders and infectious  diseases. Summit has  signed a  major
licensing agreement with BioMarin in Duchenne muscular dystrophy  and
has co-development  agreements  with  Evolva  (infectious  diseases),
Orient  Pharma  (sialorrhoea)  and   the  Lilly  TB  Drug   Discovery
Initiative (tuberculosis)
Underpinning Summit's  drug pipeline  are two  innovative  technology
platforms:  carbohydrate  chemistry  and  zebrafish  biology.   These
platforms support existing programmes and also will be the source  of
future  programmes  to  replenish  Summit's  drug  pipeline.    These
platform technologies also form the basis of the Company's profitable
service business.
The company listed on the alternative investment market (AIM) of  the
London Stock  Exchange  in  October 2004  -  symbol:  SUMM.   Further
information about the company is available at

About The Lilly TB Drug Discovery Initiative
The  Lilly  TB   Drug  Discovery  Initiative   is  a   not-for-profit
public-private partnership with a  mission to accelerate  early-stage
drug discovery by bringing together specialists from around the world
for the systematic exploration  of vast, private molecular  libraries
in search of new TB treatments.  Headquartered in Seattle, The  Lilly
TB Drug Discovery Initiative  includes representatives of  government
agencies,  philanthropic  organizations,  pharmaceutical   companies,
universities and  other research  institutions.  Its  most  important
goal is filling the pipeline for future TB drugs.
About Lilly
Lilly, a  leading  innovation-driven  corporation,  is  developing  a
growing portfolio of first-in-class and best-in-class  pharmaceutical
products by  applying  the latest  research  from its  own  worldwide
laboratories  and   from  collaborations   with  eminent   scientific
organizations. Headquartered  in Indianapolis,  Ind., Lilly  provides
answers - through medicines and information - for some of the world's
most urgent  medical needs.  Additional  information about  Lilly  is
available at
For this Initiative, Lilly has opened access to its greatest  assets,
a library  of 500,000  compounds.  The company  also is  lending  its
immense drug  discovery expertise  and organizational  savvy, and  is
contributing the latest,  most innovative technologies  used in  drug
discovery to be applied to the search for new drugs to fight TB.  The
$15 million Lilly has given  to support this historic undertaking  is
part   of    Lilly's    $135   million    commitment    to    control
multidrug-resistant TB through  The Lilly  MDR-TB Partnership,  which
mobilizes 18 partners on  five continents to stop  the spread of  the
disease and  save  lives.  Additional information  can  be  found  at

About IDRI
IDRI is  a  Seattle-based not-for-profit  organization  committed  to
applying innovative  science  to  the  research  and  development  of
products to prevent, detect and treat infectious diseases of poverty.
By integrating  capabilities, IDRI  strives  to create  an  efficient
pathway bringing scientific innovation from the lab to the people who
need it most. For more information, go to

NIAID conducts and supports research - at NIH, throughout the  United
States, and  worldwide  -  to  study the  causes  of  infectious  and
immune-mediated diseases, and to develop better means of  preventing,
diagnosing and treating these  illnesses. News releases, fact  sheets
and  other  materials  are  available  on  the  NIAID  Web  site   at
NIH - The Nation's Medical  Research Agency - includes 27  Institutes
and Centers and is a component of the U. S. Department of Health  and
Human Services. In  fiscal year  2007, NIAID invested  more than  $47
million in almost 90 projects  focused on TB drug development.  NIAID
also offers a wide variety of fundamental research, preclinical,  and
clinical development  resources  that  can be  leveraged  to  further
develop prioritized and validated molecular candidates and assist  in
transitioning them into clinical testing.