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Monday 23 February, 2009

Wienerberger AG

Report of the Managing Board and Supervisory Bo...

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Announcement in accordance  with § 82  Para 9 of  the Austrian  Stock
Exchange Act
 in connection with  § 95 Para  6 of the  Austrian Stock  Corporation

The strategy of Wienerberger AG includes the implementation of  stock
option  plans  for  management  in  order  to  systematically  direct
corporate  policies  toward  the  value  of  the  Company  and   also
strengthen the  identification of  managers with  the Company.  These
value-based incentive systems  are designed  to improve  management's
focus  on  budgeting  and  goals  as  well  as  to  strengthen  joint
responsibility  and  the  identification   of  management  with   the
interests of shareholders.

Therefore,  the  Managing  Board  will  ask  the  Supervisory   Board
(Personnel and Nominating Committee) to  approve a stock option  plan
for key  managers in  the Wienerberger  Group for  the 2009  Business
Year. The  Supervisory  Board (Personnel  and  Nominating  Committee)
intends to grant stock options to  the members of the Managing  Board
for the  2009 Business  Year. The  Supervisory Board  (Personnel  and
Nominating Committee) is scheduled to  approve the 2009 stock  option
plan for key managers and the granting of stock options to members of
the Managing Board for 2009 on March 16th, 2009.

The 2009 stock option plan for key managers and the 2009 stock option
plan for the members of the Managing Board are based on the following

Legal framework:
Non-transferable options  for  shares  in  Wienerberger  AG  will  be
granted to  eligible participants,  whereby the  legal right  to  the
granting of additional options in future years will be excluded.  The
shares required for the options will be provided either from treasury
stock purchased as part of a share buyback program or from authorized
conditional capital.

Level 1                        Members of the Managing Board
Level 2                        Key managers  of Wienerberger  AG  and
                               key managers  of subsidiaries  with  a
                               direct influence on corporate policies
                               and special responsibility as approved
                               by the Managing Board

Number of options:
Level 1                        up to  63,000 options  for the  entire
                               Managing Board
Level 2a                       up to 5,000  options for each  defined
                               key manager
Level 2b                       up to 3,000  options for each  defined
                               key manager
Level 2 totaling:              up to 271,000 options

Option terms:

Granting of options:
The options will be granted during the first four months of each year
under the condition of reaching at least 95 % of the budgeted  target
2009 for profit after tax (before the share due to minority interests
and after the deduction of interest expense on the hybrid bond(s)  or
any similar financing instruments).

Term of options:
5 years from the date of granting.

Exercise price:
The average of  all daily  closing prices over  a period  of 30  days
beginning on the date preliminary Group results are announced for the
business year prior to the year in which the options were granted.

Exercise window:
Within four weeks

  * after the eighth calendar day following the annual general
    meeting of Wienerberger AG for the past business year
  * after the date on which quarterly results are announced for the
    second and third quarters of the current business year.

Waiting period/earliest exercise date:
The earliest possible exercise date is the first exercise window that
appears two years after the options are granted.

Retention period:
A retention period of  two years applies to  one-third of the  shares
purchased with the options.

Information on the  stock options  granted to  management during  the
period from 2002 to 2008 is provided in the relevant annual reports.

For additional information contact:
Karin Hofmann, Public Relations
T +43(1)60192-463 |

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