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Thursday 27 October, 2005


Holding(s) in Company

27 October 2005

                                   SCHEDULE 10


All relevant boxes should be completed in typed block capital letters.

1. Name of Company                                  2. Name of shareholder having a major interest

    ITV PLC                                         FMR Corp. and its direct and indirect
                                                    subsidiaries, and Fidelity International Limited
                                                    (FIL) and its direct and indirect subsidiaries.

3.  Please state whether notification indicates     4. Name of the registered holder(s) and, if more
that it                                                than one holder, the number of shares held by each
is in respect of holding of the shareholder named      of them
in 2 above or in respect of a non-beneficial
interest or in the case of an individual holder if
it is a holding of that person's spouse or children
under the age of 18

     SEE BELOW                                            SEE BELOW

5.  Number of             6.  Percentage of         7. Number of shares/      8. Percentage of
shares/amount of stock    issued class              amount of stock disposed     issued class                          
           N/A                       N/A                N/A                         N/A

9. Class of security                                10. Date of               11. Date company
                                                      transaction               informed

    ORDINARY SHARES OF 10 PENCE EACH                       -             26 October 2005

12. Total holding following this notification       13. Total percentage holding of issued class
                                                    following this notification

                    574,178,105                                           13.98%

14. Any additional information                      15. Name of contact and telephone number

                                                    for queries
                                                    c/o Helen Tautz
                                                    ITV plc
                                                    The London Television Centre

                     SEE BELOW                      London SE1 9LT

                                                    TEL:   020 7261 3061
                                                    FAX :  020 7928 4943

16. Name and signature of authorised company official
responsible for making this notification

Helen Tautz                    27 October 2005


1.         Company in which shares are held:        ITV plc

2.         Notifiable Interest:                     Ordinary Shares

            (A)       FMR Corp.
                      82 Devonshire Street
                      MA 02109

     Parent holding company of Fidelity Management & Research Company (FMRCO),
     investment manager for US mutual funds, and Fidelity Management Trust 
     Company (FMTC), a US state chartered bank which acts as a trustee or 
     investment manager of various pension and trust accounts. (See Schedule A 
     for listing of Registered Shareholders and their holdings).

            (B)       Fidelity International Limited (FIL)
                        P.O. Box HM 670
                        Hamilton HMCX, Bermuda

     Parent holding company for various direct and indirect subsidiaries, including 
     Fidelity Investment Services Ltd. (FISL), Fidelity Gestion (FIGEST), 
     Fidelity Investments Advisory (Korea) Limited (FIA(K)L), Fidelity 
     Investments Management (Hong Kong) Limited (FIMHK), Fidelity Pension 
     Management (FPM), Fidelity Investments Japan (FIJ)and Fidelity
     Investments International (FII), investment managers for various non-US                         
     investment companies and institutional clients.

3.         The notifiable interests also comprise the notifiable interest of:

                        Mr. Edward C. Johnson 3d
                        82 Devonshire Street
                        Boston, MA 02109

                        A principal shareholder of FMR Corp. and Fidelity 
                        International Limited.

Fidelity Management
& Research Company
82 Devonshire Street E14B Boston, MAO2109-3614
Phone: 617 563-700C

4.  The notifiable interests include interest held on behalf of authorized unit 
    trust schemes in

    the U.K., notwithstanding the exemption from reporting pursuant to Section 
    209 (1) (h) of the Companies Act 1985.

5.  These notifications of disclosable interests constitute separate
notifications of interest in the  shares and are combined solely for the
purposes of clarity and efficiency. Nothing herein should be taken to indicate
that FMR Corp. and its direct and indirect subsidiaries, Fidelity International
Limited and its direct and indirect subsidiaries or Mr. Edward C.    Johnson 3d
act as a group or in concert in respect of the disclosed interests, or that they
are required to submit these notifications on a joint basis.

6.  The disclosable interests arise under section 208 (4) (b) of the Act, namely
where a person, not being the registered holder, is entitled to exercise a right
conferred by the holding of the shares or to control the exercise of such
rights, or under section 203 of the Act respectively.

                                                                      Rani Jandu

                        Regulatory Reporting Manager - FIL Investment Compliance
                                        Duly authorized under Powers of Attorney
                               Dated 25 August 2004 by Eric D. Roiter, by and on
                               Behalf of FMR Corp. and its direct and
                               indirect subsidiaries, and Fidelity
                               International Limited and its direct and
                               indirect subsidiaries.

Schedule A
Security: ITV plc

(Ordinary Shares )

                             Shares Held                Management         Nominee/

                                                        Company            Registered Name
                             30,106,128                 FPM                Northern Trust London
                             23,824,271                 FPM                JP Morgan, Bournemouth
                             15,308,861                 FPM                State Str Bank and Tr Co Lndn (S
                             14,962,750                 FPM                Bank of New York, Brussels
                             8,932,373                  FPM                Mellon Bank
                             2,569,501                  FPM                HSBC Bank Plc
                             2,089,664                  FPM                Bankers Trust London
                             1,011,623                  FPM                Midland Securities Services
                             898,267                    FPM                Clydesdale Bank Plc
                             621,363                    FPM                Chase Manhttn Bk AG Frnkfrt (S
                             343,100                    FPM                JPMorgan Chase Bank
                             337,300                    FPM                Bank of New York Europe Ldn
                             298,200                    FPM                Citibank London
                             83,800                     FPM                Chase Manhattan London
                             69,000                     FPM                Dexia Privatbank
                             4,344,697                  FMTC               State Street Bank and Tr Co
                             3,867,800                  FMTC               Brown Brothers Harriman and Co
                             1,516,500                  FMTC               Bank of New York
                             1,335,000                  FMTC               Northern Trust Co
                             1,210,300                  FMTC               JPMorgan Chase Bank
                             57,162,396                 FMRCO              JPMorgan Chase Bank
                             3,865,972                  FMRCO              State Street Bank and Tr Co
                             840,600                    FMRCO              Northern Trust London
                             277,200                    FMRCO              Mellon Bank N.A.
                             47,700                     FMRCO              Brown Brothers Harriman and Co
                             212,854,488                FISL               JP Morgan, Bournemouth
                             151,854,568                FIL                Brown Bros Harrimn Ltd Lux
                             2,853,912                  FIL                Bank of New York Brussels
                             2,745,174                  FIL                JP Morgan, Bournemouth
                             2,474,400                  FIL                National Astl Bk Melbourne
                             1,723,780                  FIL                Northern Trust London
                             1,003,229                  FIL                State Str Bk and Tr Co Lndn (S
                             849,600                    FIL                HSBC Bank Plc
                             428,851                    FIL                BNP Paribas, Paris (C)
                             134,220                    FIJ                Brown Brothers Harriman and Co
                             10,444,536                 FII                JP Morgan, Bournemouth
                             7,091,904                  FII                Bank of New York Europe Ldn
                             2,018,357                  FIGEST             BNP Paribas, Paris
                             415,020                    FIGEST             CDC Finance
                             1,262,800                  FICL               State Street Bank and Tr Co
                             98,900                     FIA(K)L            State Street Hong Kong

Total Ordinary Shares:       574,178,105
Current ownership            13.98%
Shares in issue:             4,108,135,983

                      This information is provided by RNS
            The company news service from the London Stock Exchange