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World Trust Fund (WTR)

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Wednesday 12 December, 2001

World Trust Fund

Notice to Warrantholders

World Trust Fund
11 December 2001

warrants) ISIN LU0032762873

Warrantholders are hereby notified that the warrants will expire on 31/12/2001.

Warrants can be exercised until the last Thursday of 2001. The last subscription
date will therefore be December 27, 2001.

After this date the warrants will be void.

Each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for 1 shares of The World trust 
Fund (ISIN LU0032760232) at USD 10 per share.

For those warrants not cleared through CLEARSTREAM or EUROCLEAR systems, 
warrantholders must submit their instructions to the Registrar European Fund 
Administration (EFA), together with the aggregate subscription price for the 
shares in respect of which the subscription rights are being exercised. 
Warrantholders may arrange for telegraphic transfer of the subscription price to
the account of the fund at KREDIETBANK SA.LUXEMBOURGEOISE Account 52-104864-53.

Shares issued pursuant to the exercise of the warrants will be allocated not 
later than 14 days after and with effect from the relevant subscription date.

Within 7 days following the final subscription date the fund shall appoint a 
trustee who shall exercise all outstanding warrants as have not been exercised 
and sell the shares acquired on such subscription, provided that in his opinion 
the net proceeds of such sale will exceed the subscription price.

The proceeds less the subscription price and any other costs and expenses will 
be distributed pro rata to the persons entitled thereto within two calendar 
months of the final subscription date, provided that entitlements of under USD 5
shall be retained for the benefit of the fund.

Warrantholders wishing to exercise their warrants should notify CLEARSTREAM, 
EUROCLEAR or EFA before 27th December 2001.

For any further details please refer to the terms and conditions of the warrants
in the original offering prospectus.

If you have any questions, please contact:
- European Fund Administration, Registrar & Transfer
  Agency Department                                     tel: + 352 484880-828 or
                                                             + 352 484880-824

- Kredietbank Luxembourg - Investment Funds & Global
                             Custody Division            tel: + 352 4797-2474 or
                                                              + 352 4797-3512
                           - Corporate Action Department tel: + 352 4797-2451