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Software For Sport (CSW)

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Friday 27 October, 2000

Software For Sport


Software For Sport PLC
27 October 2000

                            Software For Sport plc

                  Appointment of New Non-executive Directors

At the time Software For Sport plc ('Software4Sport') applied for admission to
AIM, it declared the intention of strengthening the Board with the appointment
of non-executive director(s), and establishing an audit committee and a
remuneration committee. The Directors also expressed their intention to comply
with the combined Code: Principles of Corporate Governance and Code of Best
Practice derived from the final report published by the committee on Corporate
Governance chaired by Sir Ronald Hampel and will be consistent with the
recommendations on Corporate Governance of the Quoted Companies Alliance in so
far as possible given the Company's size and the constitution of the Board.

 The Board of Directors of Software4Sport is now pleased to announce the
appointment of Richard Lawrence Hargreaves BA PhD (54) and David Andrew Lowe
FCA (46) as non-executive directors with effect from 25 October 2000.

 Richard Hargreaves has approximately 25 years' experience in the venture
capital industry and is a director of Elderstreet Downing VCT plc, Downing
Classic VCT plc, Downing Classic VCT 2 plc and Pennine Downing VCT plc,
amongst others. Prior to this, he was managing director of Baronsmead plc for
14 years. Richard has an indirect interest in 2,500,000 shares of
Software4Sport owned by Downing Classic VCT 2 plc.

David Lowe has worked closely with the Software4Sport group of companies for
over a year. He is managing director of Atril Limited, which provides
consultancy services to a range of companies, mostly as the representative of
investing institutions. David Lowe will take particular responsibility for
development and implementation of the acquisition strategy. David has an
indirect interest in 100,000 shares of Software4Sport owned by FB Limited.

The attached schedule lists the names of companies of which Richard Hargreaves
and David Lowe have been director at any time within the past 5 years. Neither
Richard nor David are or have been at any time within the past 5 years, a
partner of any partnership.

 The audit and remuneration committees will therefore comprise the following:

Michael Jackson          Non-executive Chairman

Richard Hargreaves       Non-executive Director

David Lowe               Non-executive Director

                                                              27r October 2000

For further information, please contact:

Alistair Hardie, Software4Sport                              Tel: 01372 224000

Kirsty Campbell, Seymour Pierce                              Tel: 020 7648 8700

Software For Sport plc

Current and previous directorships of Richard Hargreaves and David Lowe

Richard Hargreaves
Current:                            Previous:
Classic Fund Management Limited     Harmondsworth Investments Limited

Classic VCT Managers Limited        Ivory & Sime Baronsmead Holdings Limited

Classic VCT 2 Managers Limited      Pi Holdings plc

Dig-it (Online) plc                 ServicTec International plc

Downing Classic VCT plc             Shopcreator Developments Limited

Downing Classic VCT 2 plc           Tropix Inc.

Elderstreet Downing VCT plc

i-NET VCT plc

Mentor UK Limited

Naomi Delaney Associates Limited

Pennine Downing AIM VCT plc

SearchWorks Limited

Shopcreator plc

Richard Hargreaves was also a director of Interface Network plc and BG
Industrial Group Lasers plc when receivers were appointed in 1989 and 1991
respectively; these companies had approximately £3 million and £1 million
amounts respectively outstanding to unsecured creditors and each company
subsequently went into liquidation. His position on the board of each of these
companies was in a non-executive capacity representing the interests of a
venture capital investor.

David Lowe
Current:                            Previous:
Atril Limited                       British Creameries Limited

Lesley Hawks Lowe Limited           Computer Software Limited

F. B. Limited                       Park Communications Limited

Ingleby (4620) Limited              N Fearnehough Limited

Kershaw Group Limited               De Lisle Communications Limited

APT Controls Limited

David Lowe was also a director of Weyrad Electronics Limited until 12 October
1999, which was subsequently placed into Administrative Receivership on 10
January 2000.