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Countrywide Plc (CWD)

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Wednesday 16 June, 2004

Countrywide Plc

Holding(s) in Company

16 June 2004

Regulatory Information Service

London Stock Exchange

Old Broad Street

London EC2N 1HP



The Board of Directors of Countrywide plc today announces the following:-

1. We have received a notice on 11th June 2004 from an official of Witmer Asset
Management LLC.

They advise that on 11th June 2004, Witmer Asset Management LLC, Mr. C.H.
Witmer and Ms. M.B. Witmer have become interested in the following Ordinary
Shares of 5p each in Countrywide plc, details below.

No. of Shares Held                   Registered Name                           
8,347,346                            Witmer Asset Management LLC               
                                     237 Park Avenue                           
                                     Suite 800                                 
                                     New York NY 10017                         
180,000                              Mr Charles H Witmer and Ms Meryl B. Witmer

This equates to 5.042% of the total issued share capital of 169,128,334 shares
as at 16th June 2004.

2. We have also received a notice dated 15 June 2004 from an official of
Fidelity International Limited (FIL) that it has an aggregate notifiable
interest in 25,369,251 Ordinary Shares of 5p each in Countrywide plc. On the
basis of an issued share capital of 169,128,334, this represents 15.00% the
Company's shares in issue.

FIL holds them for various direct and indirect subsidiaries, including Fidelity
Investment Services Limited (FISL) and Fidelity Pension Management (FPM),
investment managers for various non-US investment companies and institutions.
(See Schedule A for listing of registered shareholders and their holdings).

The notifiable interest also comprises the notifiable interest of Mr Edward C
Johnson 3rd, a principal shareholder of FIL.

Director/Company Secretary

Countrywide plc

c.c. Gary White, CEAFS

Schedule A

Security: Countrywide plc

Ordinary Shares      Management    Nominee/Registered Name                     
13,333,037           FISL          Clydesdale Bank (Head Office) Nominees Ltd  
107,355              FISL          Chase Nominees Ltd                          
508,034              FISL          Chase Manhattan Bank London                 
139,753              FPM           RBS Trust Bank                              
46,050               FPM           BT Globenet Nominees Ltd                    
96,500               FPM           Citibank                                    
245,600              FPM           Bank of New York Europe                     
1,111,814            FPM           Chase Nominees Ltd                          
310,614              FPM           Northern Trust                              
646,350              FIL           RBS Trust Bank                              
565,170              FIL           Clydesdale Bank (Head Office) Nominees Ltd  
91,406               FIL           Bankers Trust                               
69,350               FIL           Citibank                                    
77,800               FIL           Bank of New York Europe                     
1,020,919            FIL           Northern Trust                              
108,775              FIL           Bank of New York Europe                     
209,766              FIL           Chase Manhattan Bank London                 
245,617              FIL           Deutsche Bank                               
1,604,942            FIL           Chase Nominees Ltd                          
504,464              FIL           Nortrust Nominees Ltd                       
983,151              FIL           Bank of New York London                     
130,712              FIL           Bank of New York Brussels                   
3,134,903            FIL           HSBC Client Holdings Nominees (UK) Ltd      
45,216               FIL           State Street Bank & Trust                   
31,953               FIL           Mellon Bank                                 

Total Ordinary Shares: 25,369,251


FISL = Fidelity Investment Services Limited

FPM = Fidelity Pension Management Investment Managers for various non-US
investment companies and institutional clients

FIL = Fidelity International Limited