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Knowledge Technology (ARC)

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Tuesday 26 March, 2002

Knowledge Technology

Interim Results

Knowledge Technology Solutions PLC
26 March 2002

26 March 2002

Interim Results for the period ended 31 December 2001 - a period of strong

Knowledge Technology Solutions plc, the data solutions company which provides
real-time MarketTerminal(TM) for financial professionals, today announced its
unaudited results for the six months to 31 December 2001.

Key points

  • Completion of MarketTerminal(TM) product and launch

  • Conservative treatment of technology capital investment with all costs
    written off as incurred

  • Group loss before tax of £100,545, reflecting further investment in
    research and development within our Cognita business

  • Focus on account management and partnership management

  • First orders received from first tier customer during start of second half

  • Strong pipeline of new business prospects for MarketTerminal(TM) confirms
    importance of focus on this core product and expertise

Chief Executive, Marc Pinter-Krainer said:

'Just over twelve months ago the company set an objective of achieving its first
sale of MarketTerminal(TM) in 2002. It was with this goal in mind and in order to
increase our profile with our customers that the shares were admitted to trading
on AIM. With revenues from MarketTerminal(TM) now starting as planned, your 
company has a longer-term strategy to ensure revenue growth will be achieved 
year on year, and that this growth will be profitable and sustainable over 

For further information, please contact:
Dr Marc Pinter-Krainer       Knowledge Technology Solutions PLC    020 8795 2700
Roland Cornish               Beaumont Cornish Limited              020 7628 3396
Neil Boom                    Gresham PR Ltd.                       020 7329 7555

Professional users have the opportunity to review MarketTerminal(TM) by 
telephoning 020 8902 1400 and requesting a trial.


Chief Executive's statement

Review of operations

These results are a reflection of the progress we are continuing to make in
focusing on the development of our proprietary technology. This is a key
objective as we work towards improving the range and quality of services we
offer to our customers and enhancing potential returns for shareholders.

This past six-month period has been one of substantial change for your company.
The highlight has been the launch of our financial information product,
MarketTerminal(TM) , developed by our wholly owned subsidiary company Cognita
Technologies. We recently announced our first orders for this product, and are
confident that over the next few months we will be able to report an increasing
customer base among our target market of first and second tier financial

To exploit our projected growth, we spent much of the past six months continuing
our IT implementation and establishing our account management infrastructure.

In order to maximise the value of our extensive intellectual property across all
platforms (Internet, PC and mobile phone), we are continuing to strengthen our
sales and marketing team, to accelerate the rollout of suitable product
offerings for different market segments.

Given the complexity of the many new initiatives we are launching, it has also
been important to focus on partnership management, developing strategic
relationships with 'best of breed' content providers, who see the benefits of
our technology. MarketTerminal(TM) now offers products to support traders and
analysts in the equity markets, allowing personalised and seamless access to a
wide range of high-value news and market data, complex analysis and decision
support tools.

The role of Market Terminal(TM) has always been intended to enable our prospective
customers, the financial institutions, to achieve stakeholder value through
their own talent, their people. MarketTerminal(TM) has been designed through a
transparent evaluation process with these prospective customers, including first
tier institutions, to be effective and flexible. The modular ASP structure of
our technology enables it to be priced transparently and to compete strongly
against our less flexible and more expensive rival vendors, whose legacy
technology is often based around expensive dedicated networks. The move to
Internet delivery for these vendors is logical but will require rethinking in
the way many are organised.

Our advanced ASP technology makes MarketTerminal(TM) a highly cost-effective
solution. Worsening stock market conditions have increased the pressure faced by
our customers to reduce their fixed costs and maximise the return on investment.
Their purchasing decisions increasingly demand more sophisticated and
intelligent solutions. MarketTerminal(TM) has been designed to address those 
needs and we remain convinced that MarketTerminal(TM) has a role to play under 
the combined pressures of the need for improved technology and lower costs.

It was particularly encouraging that some of the first tier institutions who
trialled the product during its development subsequently became significant
shareholders in Knowledge Technologies. They too share our vision in the market
opportunity for MarketTerminal(TM). Limited

We are determined to remain focussed on our core area and expertise of Cognita.
However, we continue to operate the Sharepages financial information website
with little additional dedicated resource.

Our use of flexible and innovative technology continues to be our differentiator
in the marketplace. As we predicted, a number of competitive sites have been
closed, sold or merged and therefore the evolution in the marketplace has moved
from being a competitive threat to an opportunity. Traffic is polarised into the
hands of just a few key players which may in due course emerge as market leaders
once there is a resurgence of investor interest. Sharepages remains one of the
main free financial information websites for retail investors in the UK.


Operating expenses remain tightly controlled. Revenues for Cognita have now
started to flow following initial sales of the MarketTerminal(TM) product, 
although as anticipated, Cognita was not a contributor to sales in the first 

The value of our software is not reflected in the Balance Sheet as the costs
relating to its development continue to be written off as incurred.

Going forward we will continue to make further investment in MarketTerminal(TM)
this year, in particular as we extend this product's capability globally with
the addition of international data to ensure our longer-term goals are achieved.


We look forward to building upon the important work we have done so far and have
a positive outlook for the coming year.

We have a sound balance sheet with no borrowings, a product capable of excellent
cash generation plus the right people in place. With revenues from
MarketTerminal(TM) just beginning, your company has a longer-term strategy to
ensure that, not only will revenue growth be achieved year on year, but also
that our growth will be profitable and sustainable over time. There is still
much to be done and we look forward to this challenge.

Dr Marc Pinter-Krainer

Chief Executive Officer

MarketTerminal is a registered trademark of Cognita Technologies Limited



                   FOR THE SIX MONTHS ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2001

                                                          Period ended    Period 24 August 2000   Period 24 August 2000
                                                       31 December 2001      to 31 December 2000         to 30 June 2001
                                                            (unaudited)              (unaudited)               (audited)
                                        Notes                         £                        £                       £

Turnover                                  3                      49,109                   31,102                 150,583
Cost of sales                                                  (45,786)                 (26,113)                (54,531)

Gross profit                                                      3,323                    4,989                  96,052
Administration expenses                                       (239,831)                 (69,908)               (295,242)

                                                              (236,508)                 (64,919)               (199,190)
Other operating income                    4                     125,000                        -                       -
Operating loss                                                (111,508)                 (64,919)               (199,190)
Interest receivable                                              10,963                      591                   5,329

Loss on ordinary activities before                            (100,545)                 (64,328)               (193,861)
Taxation on loss on ordinary              5                           -                        -                       -

Loss on ordinary activities after                             (100,545)                 (64,328)               (193,861)
Dividends                                 6                           -                        -                       -
Retained loss                                                 (100,545)                 (64,328)               (193,861)

Basic earnings per ordinary share         7                      (0.13)                   (0.22)                  (0.38)
Diluted earnings per ordinary share       7                      (0.13)                   (0.22)                  (0.38)

All operations are continuing and there are no recognised gains and losses other
than the loss for the period.


                                                                       As at                 As at                 As at
                                                            31 December 2001      31 December 2000          30 June 2001
                                                                 (unaudited)           (unaudited)             (audited)
                                               Notes                       £                     £                     £

Fixed assets
Tangible fixed assets                                                 39,120                16,664                16,601

Current assets
Debtors                                                              218,614               123,502                61,081
Cash at bank and in hand                                             620,119               430,379               440,946
                                                                     838,733               553,881               502,027

Creditors: amounts falling due within one                          (126,113)             (130,933)              (83,549)

Net current assets                                                   712,620               422,948               418,478

Total assets less current liabilities                                751,740               439,612               435,079

Capital and reserves
Called up share capital                                               80,472                65,342                70,342
Share premium account                                                965,674               438,598               558,598
Profit and loss account                                            (294,406)              (64,328)             (193,861)

Equity shareholders' funds                       11                  751,740               439,612               435,079



                   FOR THE SIX MONTHS ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2001

                                                                     Period ended    Period 24 August       Period ended
                                                                 31 December 2001 To 31 December 2000       30 June 2001
                                                                      (unaudited)         (unaudited)          (audited)
                                                   Notes                        £                   £                  £

Net cash outflow from operating activities           8                  (223,577)            (52,591)          (169,302)

Returns on investment and servicing of finance
Interest received                                                          10,963                 591              5,329

Net cash inflow from returns on investments
and servicing of finance                                                   10,963                 591              5,329

Capital expenditure
Purchase of tangible fixed assets                                        (25,419)                   -            (2,462)

Net cash outflow from capital expenditure                                (25,419)                   -            (2,462)

Acquisitions and disposals
Cash acquired with subsidiary                                                   -              57,737             57,737

Net cash inflow from acquisitions and disposals                                 -              57,737             57,737

Net cash outflow before financing                                       (238,033)               5,737          (108,698)

Issue of ordinary share capital                                           429,132             671,904            796,906
Share issue costs                                                        (11,926)           (247,262)          (247,262)
Net cash inflow from financing                                            417,206             424,642            549,644

Increase in cash                                     9                    179,173             430,379            440,946



1              Basis of preparation

                The interim financial information in respect of the six months
ended 31 December 2001 is unaudited and has been prepared on the basis of the
accounting policies set out in the company's audited accounts for the period
ended 30 June 2001.

                The financial information contained in this statement does not
constitute statutory accounts.

                Statutory accounts for the period ended 30 June 2001 received an
unqualified audit report and have been filed with the Registrar of Companies.

2              Continuing activities

                The company was incorporated on 24 August 2000 and, with the
exception of the issue of ordinary shares on incorporation, the group did not
trade until the acquisition of the entire issued ordinary share capital of Limited on 27 October 2000. All of the activities are continuing.

3              Turnover

                All of the turnover arises in the United Kingdom.

4              Other operating income

                                                    Period ended   Period 24 August 2000   Period 24 August 2000

                                                31 December 2001     to 31 December 2000         to 30 June 2001

                                                               £                       £                       £
Contribution towards Infrastructure                      125,000                       -                       -

5              Taxation

                As a result of losses available no liability to corporation tax
is expected to arise.

6              Dividends

               The Directors do not recommend the payment of an interim dividend.

7              Earnings per ordinary share

                The basic earnings per ordinary share has been calculated by
dividing the loss on ordinary activities after tax attributable to shareholders
by the weighted average number of ordinary shares in issue during the period
which carry the right to receive a dividend.

                The diluted earnings per ordinary share has been calculated as
above on the basis of full exercise of warrants.

8              Reconciliation of operating loss to net cash outflow from
operating activities
                                                   Period ended   Period 24 August 2000   Period 24 August 2000

                                               31 December 2001     to 31 December 2000         to 30 June 2001

                                                              £                       £                       £

                                                    (unaudited)             (unaudited)               (audited)
Operating loss                                        (111,508)                (64,919)               (199,190)
Depreciation charges                                      2,900                   2,849                   5,372
Increase in debtors                                   (157,533)               (104,524)                (42,103)
Increase in creditors                                    42,564                 114,003                  66,619
Net cash outflow from operating                       (223,577)                (52,591)               (169,302)

9              Reconciliation of net cash flow to movement of liquid funds

                                                   Period ended   Period 24 August 2000   Period 24 August 2000

                                               31 December 2001     to 31 December 2000         to 30 June 2001

                                                              £                       £                       £
Increase in cash for the period                         179,173                 430,379                 440,946
Net funds at start of period                            440,946                       -                       -
Net funds at end of period                              620,119                 430,379                 440,946

10            Analysis of net funds

                                                          As at                   As at                   As at

                                               31 December 2001        31 December 2000            30 June 2001

                                                              £                       £                       £
Cash at bank and in hand                                620,119                 430,379                 440,946

11            Reconciliation of movement in shareholders' funds

                                                   Period ended   Period 24 August 2000   Period 24 August 2000

                                               31 December 2001     to 31 December 2000         to 30 June 2001

                                                              £                       £                       £
Loss for the period                                   (100,545)                (64,328)               (193,861)
New share capital issued less costs                     417,206                 503,940                 628,940
Net additions during the period                         316,661                 439,612                 435,079
Opening shareholders' funds                             435,079                       -                       -
Closing shareholders' funds                             751,740                 439,612                 435,079

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