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Virotec Intl Ld (VTI)

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Friday 26 October, 2001

Virotec Intl Ld

Virotec Italia opens

Virotec International Ld
26 October 2001

26 October 2001


Virotec International announces that it has appointed Mr Vittorio Bello as
Managing Director of Virotec Italia, a wholly owned subsidiary currently being
established to operate out of Rome.

'The company is moving forward very quickly in Europe,' Mr Sheeran stated. 'We
anticipate more European offices opening in the future but, at this juncture,
the Italian office is playing a crucial role. Not only is it working to secure
the permits and licenses required for Bauxsol Technology to be transported and
applied throughout the European Union, it is also overseeing the engineering
and construction of our Bauxsol Technology Plant in Sardinia.'

Virotec announced earlier this year that it has reached an agreement with
Eurallumina SPA in Sardinia for the supply of its refinery residues. Virotec
Italia is now working to establish its Bauxsol Technology manufacturing plant
on land adjacent to Eurallumina SPA, which has an annual capacity to produce
1,000,000 tonnes of alumina and is geographically situated central to Europe
and the Middle East.

'Virotec Italia is not just about facilitating supply to Europe,' Mr Sheeran
continued. 'Mr Vittorio Bello has excellent standing with a wide range of
Italian authorities and the Italian government has its own urgent
environmental agendas.'

Key areas for remediation in Italy include the Sardinia Pb-Zn-Cu Mines
District, the Sardinia Coal Mines District, the Tuscany Pyrite Mines District,
the Tuscany Pb-Zn-Cu Mines District and the Alpine Pb-Zn Mines District.

'When we showcased our Bauxsol Technology in Romania, the key question was not
how, but when. Virotec Italia is a significant step forward in our timely
expansion into Europe.'

Notes to editors

Bauxsol (TM) Technology is a fast and cost-effective technology. Derived from a
by-product of aluminium mining, it simultaneously neutralises acid and
extracts heavy metals from contaminated water and soils.

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