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Serco Group PLC (SRP)

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Friday 27 April, 2012

Serco Group PLC

Annual Information Update

Serco Group plc - Annual Information Update

In accordance with the requirements of Prospectus Rule 5.2, the following
summarises the information which has been published or made available to the
public by Serco Group plc (the "Company" or "Serco Group plc") over the
previous 12 months up to and including 26 April 2012.

This annual information update is required by and is being made pursuant to
Article 10 of the Prospectus Directive as implemented in the United Kingdom
(Prospectus Rule 5.2) and not for any other purpose and neither Serco Group
plc, nor any other person, takes any responsibility for, or makes any
representation, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the
information which it contains. This information is not necessarily up to date
as at the date of this annual information update and Serco Group plc does not
undertake any obligation to update any such information in the future. This
annual information update does not constitute an offer of any securities
addressed to any person and should not be relied upon by any person.

 1. Announcements made via a RIS
The documents listed below were published via a Regulatory Information Service
on or around the dates indicated.

Date            Description of Contents of Announcement                      
27-Apr-2011     Annual Information Update                                    
03-May-2011     Total Voting Rights                                          
09-May-2011     Interim Management Statement                                 
09-May-2011     Result of AGM                                                
16-May-2011     Holding(s) in Company                                        
19-May-2011     Additional Listing                                           
31-May-2011     Acquisition of Intelenet                                     
01-Jun-2011     Total Voting Rights                                          
13-Jun-2011     Director/PDMR Shareholding                                   
15-Jun-2011     Additional Listing                                           
15-Jun-2011     Western Australia Court Security Contract                    
23-Jun-2011     Holding(s) in Company                                        
23-Jun-2011     Director/PDMR Shareholding                                   
28-Jun-2011     Pre-close Statement                                          
30-Jun-2011     Directorate Change                                           
01-Jul-2011     Serco Awarded New Contract                                   
01-Jul-2011     Total Voting Rights                                          
04-Jul-2011     Blocklisting - Interim Review                                
05-Jul-2011     Additional Listing                                           
07-Jul-2011     Serco acquisition of Intelenet - update                      
12-Jul-2011     Holding(s) in Company                                        
15-Jul-2011     Additional Listing                                           
15-Jul-2011     Holding(s) in Company                                        
28-Jul-2011     Serco signs new prison management contract in Australia      
01-Aug-2011     Serco signs Fiona Stanley contract valued at A$1.3bn         
01-Aug-2011     Total Voting Rights                                          
24-Aug-2011     Half-yearly Report                                           
30-Aug-2011     Director/PDMR Shareholding                                   
31-Aug-2011     Additional Listing                                           
01-Sep-2011     Total Voting Rights                                          
16-Sep-2011     Additional Listing                                           
03-Oct-2011     Total Voting Rights                                          
25-Oct-2011     London Cycle Hire Scheme Expansion                           
26-Oct-2011     Strategic Partnership with Peterborough City Council         
28-Oct-2011     Director/PDMR Shareholding                                   
01-Nov-2011     Total Voting Rights                                          
03-Nov-2011     Analyst and investor site visits                             
17-Nov-2011     Interim Management Statement                                 
25-Nov-2011     Director/PDMR Shareholding                                   
05-Dec-2011     Total Voting Rights                                          
07-Dec-2011     Additional Listing                                           
15-Dec-2011     Pre-close Analyst Meetings                                   
03-Jan-2012     Total Voting Rights                                          
09-Jan-2012     Statement re Paul Brooks                                     
13-Jan-2012     Re Contract                                                  
17-Jan-2012     Additional Listing                                           
25-Jan-2012     Serco contract awards for UK defence MACs                    
27-Jan-2012     British Army Contract                                        
01-Feb-2012     Total Voting Rights                                          
07-Feb-2012     Additional Listing                                           
28-Feb-2012     Final Results                                                
01-Mar-2012     Total Voting Rights                                          
02-Mar-2012     Director/PDMR Shareholding                                   
08-Mar-2012     Director/PDMR Shareholding                                   
14-Mar-2012     Re Contract                                                  
20-Mar-2012     NED Retirement                                               
21-Mar-2012     Serco signs new contract for UK asylum support services      
22-Mar-2012     Serco Selected as Preffered Bidder by NHS Suffolk            
22-Mar-2012     Serco Selected as Preferred Bidder by NHS Suffolk            
30-Mar-2012     Holding(s) in Company                                        
02-Apr-2012     Total Voting Rights                                          
03-Apr-2012     Additional Listing                                           
04-Apr-2012     Annual Financial Report                                      
11-Apr-2012     Additional Listing                                           
16-Apr-2012     NHS support services strategic partnership                   
23-Apr-2012     Company Secretary Change                                     
23-Apr-2012     Additional Listing                                           
23-Apr-2012     Correction : Director/PDMR Shareholding                      

All of the above documents are available for download on the Prices and News
section of the London Stock Exchange website,, or
on the Company's website,

 2. Documents filed at Companies House
The Company has submitted filings to Companies House in relation to the Annual
Report, AGM resolutions, the annual return, the allotment of shares and the
appointment and termination of directors. Copies of these documents can be
found via the Companies House website at or if you
are a registered user, through Companies House Direct at Alternatively copies can be obtained from
Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff CF14 3UZ.

 3. Documents provided to shareholders and the FSA
The documents below were sent to shareholders on or around the dates indicated.

Date            Document                                                     
24-Aug-11       Half Year Results Letter 2011                                
04-Apr-12       Annual Report and Accounts 2011                              
04-Apr-12       Notice of the 2012 Annual General Meeting                    
04-Apr-12       Proxy form for the 2012 Annual General Meeting               

Copies of the above documents were filed with the Financial Services Authority
during the 12 month period and available to be viewed via the National Storage

Copies of the above documents can be obtained from the Company Secretary, Serco
Group plc, Serco House, 16 Bartley Wood Business Park, Bartley Way, Hook,
Hampshire RG27 9UY.

 4. Further Information
Further information about the Company can be found at our website,