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Invesco Inc Grth Tst (IVI)

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Monday 14 June, 2010

Invesco Inc Grth Tst

Annual Information Update

                        Invesco Income Growth Trust plc

HEADLINE: Annual Information Update

This annual information update is required by and is being made pursuant to
Article 10 of the Prospectus Directive as implemented in the United Kingdom
(Prospectus Rule 5.2) and not for any other purpose and neither the Company,
nor any other person takes any responsibility for, or makes any representation,
express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of, the information
which is contains. This information is not necessarily up to date as at the
date of this annual information update and the Company does not undertake any
obligation to update any such information in the future.

The following information has been published or made available to the public
from 1 April 2009 to date.

1. Regulatory News Service (`RNS') announcements

In addition to the following RNS announcements, Invesco Income Growth Trust plc
announces its Net Asset Value on a daily basis.

 Release Date   Announcement Title                                    
   01/04/09     Listing Rule 15.5.1 - Transactions in a Close Period  
   28/04/09     Holding in Company                                    
   05/06/09     Final Results                                         
   08/06/09     Dividend Declaration                                  
   23/06/09     Annual Information Update                             
   17/07/09     Interim Management Statement                          
   05/08/09     Results of AGM                                        
   07/08/09     Holding in Company                                    
   11/08/09     Holding in Company                                    
   17/08/09     Director/PDMR Shareholding                            
   22/09/09     Holding in Company                                    
   22/09/09     Dividend Declaration                                  
   28/09/09     Holding in Company                                    
   01/10/09     Director/PDMR Shareholding                            
   06/10/09     Holding in Company                                    
   07/10/09     Holding in Company                                    
   09/10/09     Holding in Company (x3)                               
   29/10/09     Director/PDMR Shareholding                            
   02/11/09     Compliance with Model Code                            
   17/11/09     Holding in Company                                    
   23/11/09     Dividend Declaration                                  
   27/11/09     Half Yearly Report                                    
   14/12/09     Holding in Company                                    
   15/12/09     Holding in Company                                    
   31/12/09     Director/PDMR Shareholding                            
   20/01/10     Interim Management Statement                          
   20/01/10     Dividend Declaration                                  
   04/03/10     Dividend Declaration                                  
   18/03/10     Director/PDMR Shareholding                            
   01/04/10     Director/PDMR Shareholding                            
   01/04/10     Compliance with Model Code                            
   08/04/10     Director/PDMR Shareholding                            
   08/06/10     Final Results                                         

All of the information listed above is available for viewing on the London
Stock Exchange RNS website and on

 2. Companies' House Filings
Date         Document      Document Description                    
15/07/09     AA            Annual Accounts                         
13/10/09     RES01         AGM Special Resolutions                 
21/10/09     AD02          SAIL Address Created                    
21/10/09     AD03          Register moved to SAIL Address          
12/01/10     CH04          Corporate Secretary Change of Details   
12/01/10     CH01          Director's Change of Details            
12/01/10     CH01          Director's Change of Details            
10/02/10     AR01          Annual Return                           
06/04/10     AA            Interim Accounts                        

All of the information listed above is available for viewing at Companies

 3. Documents filed with the FSA's Document Viewing Facility
Annual Financial Report for the year ended 31 March 2009           
Half-Yearly Financial Report for the six months to 30 September    

Invesco Asset Management Limited

30 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1AG

Contact Karina Bryant 020 7065 3644

14 June 2010

Registered Office

30 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1AG

Telephone: 020 7065 4000

Facsimile: 020 7065 3166

Registered in England No 3141073

An Investment Company under Section 833

of the Companies Act 2006