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XP Power Ltd (XPP)

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Friday 03 July, 2009

XP Power Ltd

Holding(s) in Company

For filings with the FSA include the annex  
For filings with issuer exclude the annex   

TR-1: Notifications of Major Interests in Shares                               

1. Identity of the issuer or the underlying issuer of existing                 
shares to which voting rights are attached:                                    
XP Power Limited                                                               
2. Reason for notification                                        [Yes/No]     
An acquisition or disposal of voting rights                          No        
An acquisition or disposal of financial instruments which            No        
may result in the                                                              
acquisition of shares already issued to which voting rights                    
are attached                                                                   
An event changing the breakdown of voting rights                     No        
Other (please specify):                                             Yes        
3. Full name of person(s) subject to     Aberdeen Asset Management PLC's Fund  
notification                             Management Operating Subsidiaries     
4. Full name of shareholder(s) (if       Not applicable                        
different from 3):                                                             
5. Date of transaction (and date on      1 July 2009                           
which the                                                                      
threshold is crossed or reached if                                             
6. Date on which issuer notified:        2 July 2009 (UK time)                 
7. Threshold(s) that is/are crossed or   11%                                   

8: Notified Details                                                            
A: Voting rights attached to shares                                            

Class/type of  Situation previous to         Resulting situation after         
shares            the triggering             the triggering transaction        
If possible    Number of  Number of   Number     Number of      Percentage of  
use              shares     voting      of     voting rights    voting rights  
ISIN code                   rights    shares                                   
                                              Direct Indirect  Direct  Indirect
SG9999003735    2,019,714  2,019,714                 2,142,260           11.13%

B: Financial Instruments                                                       
Resulting situation after the triggering transaction                           

Type of          Expiration      Exercise/      No. of voting    Percentage of 
financial           date        conversion    rights that may be voting rights 
instrument                      period/date    acquired (if the                

Total (A+B)                                                                    

Number of voting rights                 Percentage of voting rights            
2,142,260                               11.13%                                 

9. Chain of controlled undertakings through which the voting rights and /or the
financial instruments are effectively held, if applicable:                     

Proxy Voting:                                                                  
10. Name of proxy holder:                                                      
11. Number of voting rights proxy                                              
holder will cease to hold:                                                     
12. Date on which proxy holder will                                            
cease to hold voting rights:                                                   

13. Additional information:                                                    
14 Contact name:                    Duncan Penny                               
15. Contact telephone name:         +65 6411 6900                              

For notes on how to complete form TR-1 please see the FSA website.

Note: Annex should only be submitted to the FSA not the issuer

Annex: Notification of major interests in shares                               

A: Identity of the persons or legal entity subject to the notification         

Full name                                                                      
(including legal form of legal                                                 
Contact address                                                                
(registered office for legal                                                   
Phone number & email                                                           
Other useful information                                                       
(at least legal representative                                                 
for legal persons)                                                             

B: Identity of the notifier, if applicable                                     

Full name                                                                      
Contact address                                                                
Phone number & email                                                           
Other useful information                                                       
(e.g. functional relationship                                                  
with the                                                                       
person or legal entity subject                                                 
to the                                                                         
notification obligation)                                                       

C: Additional information