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Tuesday 09 January, 2007

Pan PacificAggregate

Drilling Report

Pan Pacific Aggregates PLC
09 January 2007

Pan Pacific Aggregates Plc.

January 9, 2007

Positive Drilling Results Support Full Quarry Permit Application in April.

Pan Pacific Aggregates is pleased to announce results of diamond drilling from
its 2006 exploration campaign.  Grades are weighted averages from initial assay
results and are subject to confirmation by Quality Assurance & Quality Control
check assaying.

These initial results are consistent with the company's expectations and with
Competent Persons Report contained in the company's prospectus on admission to
AIM. This drilling programme has also provided the detail for the working quarry
area designs required for the Environmental Certification and Large Producer
permit submissions, which will be lodged with the respective authorities during
March/April this year.

Subject to the final confirmation and checks on assays, the indication is that
there is sufficient quantity and quality of mineral for commercial quarrying in
the northern sector of the property producing both aggregate and chemical grade
products, as well as the potential for high purity filler grade calcium

Drill holes 34, 35, 43, 38 and 39, drilled in the Bricka Zone area, cover a
continuous strike length of 1300m.  These holes were drilled on an azimuth of
270 degrees and at a dip of -45 degrees.  Hole 38 was stopped in carbonate
rocks.  The package of carbonate rocks in this area is typically 250m thick and
contains sections of chemical grade limestone (CaO) and dolostone (MgO) that
appears to have good thickness and continuity from drill hole to drill hole.
This suggests that although the bulk of the carbonate material is aggregate and
cement grade there are sections that could be quarried for high purity products.

A total of 1256 samples were prepared and sent for analysis.  Results have now
been received for 1069 samples.  QA/QC cross check samples and Inductively
Coupled Plasma spectrometry (metals) assays for selected samples will be
analyzed during January.

All holes were core and samples were cut by diamond saw, shipped to Acme
Analytical Laboratories Ltd. (ISO 9001:2000) in Vancouver, and analyzed by
ICP-emission spectrometry methods.  Standards, duplicates and blanks were
inserted and included in the analysis.  Cal Mark M.Sc., P.Geo. Is responsible
for the exploration program and is a Qualified Person for the purposes of
National Instrument 43-101, and the Guidance Note for Mining, Oil and Gas
Companies issued by the London Stock Exchange in respect of AIM companies and
has approved this press release. Cal Mark has over 30 years of mineral
exploration experience, and is a member in good standing with the Association of
Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia.

William Voaden, Managing Director, commented, 'I am very pleased with these
initial results from our 2006 drilling campaign which are in line with our
expectations. The company has refocused on our exploration and permitting
objectives during 2006 to achieve submissions of our permit applications in
March/April this year. Significant progress has been made by all the team to
meet these demanding objectives and we will produce a further update to the
market once we have completed the confirmation and final assay checks.'

Hole 30

Carbonate zone            52.83m to 294.00m

Containing 51.77 % CaO / 46.17m from 52.83m to 99.00m

Containing 19.24 % MgO / 35.00m from 226.00m to 265.00m

Hole 31

Carbonate zone            9.75m to 112.53m

Containing 53.64 % CaO / 26.25m from 9.75m to 36.00m

Hole 32

Carbonate zone            8.53m to 242.02m

Containing 52.79 % CaO / 42.47m from 8.53m to 51.00m

Containing 19.164 % MgO / 26.02 m from 216.00m to 242.02m

Hole 32A

Carbonate zone            24.21m to 45.11m

Containing 53.55 % CaO / 20.90 m from 24.21m to 45.11m

Hole 33

Carbonate zone            3.52m to 200.25m

Containing 18.19 % MgO / 16.00m from 6.00m to 22.00.00m

Containing 20.07 % MgO / 28.00m from 88.00m to 116.00m

Hole 34

Carbonate zone            52.83m to 303.08m

Containing 53.93 % CaO / 54.00 m from 129.00m to 183.00m

Containing 18.30 % MgO / 12.00 m from 211.00m to 223.00m

Hole 35

Carbonate zone            49.85m to 260.59m

Containing 51.07 % CaO / 74.98m from 57.02m to 132.00m

Containing 19.05 % MgO / 77.59 m from 83.00m to 260.59m

Hole 36

Carbonate zone            9.00m to 110.00m

No significant values

Hole 37

Carbonate zone            46.13m to 306.63m (stopped in carbonates)

Containing 53.55 % CaO / 94.34 m from 50.00m to 144.34m

Containing 15.88 % MgO / 109.00 m from 182.00m to 291.00m

Hole 38

Carbonate zone            30.94m to 301.28m (stopped in carbonates)

Containing 55.49 % CaO / 21.56 m from 45.00m to 66.56m

Containing 16.14 % MgO / 31.36 m from 112.64m to 144.00m

Containing 20.69 MgO / 33.85 m from 218.15m to 252.00m

Hole 39

Carbonate zone            111.88m to 139.70m

Containing 48.45 % CaO / 27.82 m from 111.88m to 139.7m

Hole 40

Carbonate zone            43.00m to 289.00m

Containing 51.89 % CaO / 37.00 m from 51.00m to 88.00m

Containing 15.73 % MgO / 33.00 m from 239.00m to 272.00m

Hole 41

Carbonate zone            70.96m to 318.06m

Containing 18.49 % MgO / 22.00 m from 73.00m to 95.00m

Containing 17.69 % MgO / 48.00 m from 148.00m to 196.00m

Containing 16.70 % MgO / 74.00 m from 240.00m to 314.00m

Hole 42

Carbonate zone            13.44m to 152.00 and 343.74m to 444.53m

assay report not yet available

Hole 43

Carbonate zone            33.00m to 306.39m

assay report not yet available

Hole 44

Carbonate zone            12.24m to 96.73m

assay report not yet available

Hole 45

Carbonate zone            6.62m to 101.00m and 289.00m to 432.00m

assay report not yet available

Enquiries to:

William Voaden, Managing Director

020 7628 3989

Louis Castro, Director Corporate Finance - Insinger de Beaufort

020 7190 7000

Donald Nicholson - Chairman

+1 604 805 0716

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