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Virotec Intl Ld (VTI)

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Thursday 09 May, 2002

Virotec Intl Ld

Update to shareholders

Virotec International Ld
9 May 2002

9 May 2002

                         VIROTEC UPDATE TO SHAREHOLDERS

The company is issuing the following statement to answer recent queries from


Virotec International is one of the first companies in the world to bring
innovative research based on geochemical engineering to alumina refinery waste.

The company's proven, environmentally-safe BauxsolTM Technology took eight years
to develop and since its introduction, Virotec scientists in Australia, Europe
and North America have devoted a further two years optimising the technology and
this work has resulted in numerous scientific breakthroughs. Today, Virotec has
a diverse range of BauxsolTM Technology products and although each product
differs in composition, physical form and application methodology they are all
environmentally safe.

At Virotec, we are often asked 'Can you use untreated 'red mud' to achieve
similar commercial and environmental outcomes to those achieved with BauxsolTM
Technology?' and the answer is categorically 'no'. Virotec physically and
chemically alters the properties of the red mud waste as part of the BauxsolTM
Technology process.

The Directors believe that Virotec, with its specialist proprietary knowledge
and complex database, leads the world in the science of utilising alumina
refinery waste with its BauxsolTM Technology - a safe environmental technology
that is proving to be platform in nature with broad and multiple applications.
(For those interested in the current BauxsolTM Technology product range, please
see the Appendix to this announcement.)


The Directors believe Virotec is a high-growth business. As a developer of new
technologies, and a manufacturer and distributor of new market-driven products,
the company is driven by scientific research and development and has a strong
scientific team of 15 scientists, 7 of whom have PhDs with distinguished

In the past year the company has been working concurrently to:

1.      Establish a global infrastructure,

      The establishment of Virotec's international infrastructure has not only
facilitated the introduction of BauxsolTM Technology to regulatory authorities
in three continents, but it has allowed Virotec to conduct field demonstrations
in North America and Europe and to commence production in Sardinia of BauxsolTM
Technology products.

2.      Diversify the range of products developed from BauxsolTM Technology

      The ongoing process of developing new products from BauxsolTM Technology
has been very successful and is a direct response to market need. The company is
currently targeting potential strategic alliance partners across a range of
industry sectors to assist Virotec in the marketing of the new products.

3.      Develop and commercialise new technologies

      The company is in the final phase of development, which includes
patenting, several new technologies. These technologies have been developed by
Virotec scientists over a 12 month period and have been tested in the field in a
commercial application.

4.   Generate Sales Revenue

There is a considerable lead time in taking an innovative technology to market;
however the Directors believe that Virotec has made considerable advances in
this area. The company is well funded, has no debt and is well positioned in
four continents to generate revenues from its unique technology.

Executive Chairman of Virotec, Mr Brian Sheeran concludes 'The Directors believe
that Virotec is a high-growth business with technologies that are platform in
nature, that is, have the potential for multiple applications. With no debt and
in excess of $13 million dollars in the bank, the company is ideally placed to
negotiate a wide range of industry-specific, strategic alliances to optimise the
commercialisation of our products. The Directors believe that this will be a
very exciting year for the company.'

Virotec International Ltd develops new technologies and manufactures,
distributes and applies new market-driven environmental products for water and
soils. For further information, please visit our web site at


Virotec International Ltd                              Tel: +617 5530 8014

Melissa Toomey, SPIN Business Solutions                Tel: +617 3251 8111

David Youngman, W. H. Ireland Ltd                      Tel: +0161 832 6644

Shane Dolan/ James Benjamin, Biddicks                  Tel: +020 7448 1000


Virotec has developed a diversified range of new products that represent a
significant advance in the commercialization of BauxsolTM Technology. Each of
the following products is 100% environmentally safe and will deliver outstanding
success in site specific circumstances.

VIROMINETM : cleaner mining...naturally

ViroMineTM Solutions is a division of Virotec that provides total solutions to
the Mining Industry. The following ViroMine product range has been developed
exclusively by Virotec and forms part of the total consultancy provided by
ViroMineTM Solutions.

•         Alka-BTM

An environmentally safe reagent specifically designed to treat alkaline water
contaminated with heavy metals.

•         Neutra-BTM

An environmentally safe reagent specifically designed to treat mildly acidic
water (pH 6 - 7) contaminated with heavy metals

•         Acid-BTM

An environmentally safe reagent specifically designed to treat acidic water (pH
4.5 - 6) contaminated with heavy metals

•         Acid-B extra TM

An environmentally safe reagent specifically designed to treat heavily acidic
water (pH less than 4.5) contaminated with heavy metals

•         Terra-BTM

An environmentally safe, water insoluble, superior alternative for existing lime
applications designed to neutralise acid, reduce ionic heavy metal
concentrations to low ppb and prevent the formation of harmful leachate in
tailings and sulphidic waste rock.

VIROFLOWTM : cleaner water...naturally

ViroFlowTM is a division of Virotec, developing products to tackle market driven
niches to significantly reduce high (previously untreatable) concentrations of
heavy metals in industrial waste waters.

•         ViroChromeTM

An environmentally safe reagent specifically designed to remove the number one
pollutant, (CR III) from Tannery wastewater.

•         ViroZincTM

An environmentally safe reagent specifically designed to remove zinc from waste
water - particularly applicable to the Electroplating industry.

The following ViroFlowTM product is currently under development:

•         Arsenex TM

VIROSOILTM : fertile soils...naturally

ViroSoilTM is a division of Virotec, developing products to enhance and
remediate soils.

•         VirobindTM

An environmentally safe, water insoluble, additive to reduce ionic heavy metal
concentrations to low ppb and prevent the formation of harmful leachate in
acidic soils. Virobind improves the geotechnical properties of the soil
(particularly the rate of consolidation and the shear strength of the compacted
material) and it ensures that the foundations of any structures built on the
reclaimed land are protected from possible acid corrosion.

The following ViroSoilTM products are currently under development:

•         Virogrow TM

•         VirophosphateTM

Two further Virotec divisions, VIROSEWAGETM and VIROGANICSTM are currently
developing new technologies.

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