Directors' Notification of Dealing in Shares, etc

Guinness Peat Group PLC 14 June 2000 STOCK EVENTS: DIRECTORS INTERESTS Guinness Peat Group Plc ('CPG') announces that, following the approval by shareholders on 2 June 2000 of the Share Buyback, the issue of Consolidated Loan Notes ('CLN's'), and the Capitalisation Issue, the allotment of shares under the Capitalisation Issue took place on 13 June 2000. As a result Directors' interests in the Ordinary Shares and the CLNs of GPG are as follows: Ordinary shares CLN's Number % Number % Sir Ron Brierley 20,971,079 4.41 0 0.00 TJN Beyer 335,377 0.07 1,000,00 2.59 Al Gibbs 0 0.00 688,846 1.78 BA Nixon 88,880 0.02 675 0.00 Dr GH Weiss 4,158,611 0.87 0 0.00 Purchased on the New Zealand market on 8 June 2000 at a price of NZ$1.40 each. GPG also announces that, while it was stated in the circular relating to the Capitalisation Issue sent to shareholders on 18 April 2000 that dealings in the Capitalisation Shares (as defined in the circular) would commence on 13 June 2000, dealings will instead commence on 15 June 2000. Application has been made to the UK Listing Authority and to the London Stock Exchange for the Capitalisation Shares to be admitted to listing and trading (respectively) on 15 June 2000, on which date CREST member accounts will be credited with Capitalisation Shares and definitive certificates will be despatched.


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