Application filed for protected linearised synt...

22 June 2021

4basebio UK Societas

("4basebio", the "Company" or the “Group”)

Patent application

Application filed for protected linearised synthetic DNA

4basebio UK Societas (AIM: 4BB), the specialist life sciences Group focused on exploiting intellectual property in the field of gene therapies and vaccines, announces it has filed a patent application for a novel protected and stabilised linear synthetic DNA type, “osDNA™*. 

DNA is susceptible to degradation by nucleases which are naturally occurring enzymes within organisms and which have a vital role in the regulation of many cellular processes, while also protecting against foreign DNA species. Enzymatic DNA degradation can render gene therapies ineffective and is a substantial consideration when developing gene therapies or DNA vaccines. The Company’s novel osDNA™ product has demonstrated increased longevity compared to conventional DNA types.

Unlike hpDNA™** which is a closed DNA construct, osDNA™ is open linear DNA and incorporates all of the established benefits of hpDNA™ over widely used plasmid DNA, in particular the absence of bacterial backbone, antibiotic resistance genes or endotoxins. osDNA™ therefore also benefits from a high level of purity.

Furthermore, a long terminal mono-nucleotide sequence (homopolymeric sequence) is an essential feature of high-quality mRNA. These types of sequences are known to be difficult to manufacture through plasmid fermentation. osDNA™ is readily able to incorporate these sequences, positioning osDNA™ as a highly suited template for the production of mRNA products, an area of significant commercial opportunity for the Company’s products and technologies.

Dr Heikki Lanckriet, CEO and CSO for 4basebio commented: “We are delighted to have filed this patent, further developing and broadening our technology portfolio. We see real opportunity to position osDNA™ as a key input for mRNA and DNA vaccine production, an area of the rapidly growing gene therapy and vaccine market attracting significant attention.”

* osDNA™ = open stabilised DNA, a brand name for the Company’s open linear DNA

** hpDNA™ = Hairpin DNA, a brand name for the Company’s enzymatically produced DNA

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Notes to Editors

4basebio (AIM: 4BB) is a specialist life sciences Group focused on therapeutic DNA for gene therapies and DNA vaccines and providing solutions for effective and safe delivery of these DNA based products to patients. It is the intention of the Company to become a market leader in the manufacture and supply of high purity, synthetic DNA for research, therapeutic and pharmacological use. The immediate objectives of 4bb are to validate and scale its DNA synthesis and advance its collaborations to facilitate the functional validation of its DNA based products and gene delivery solutions.

The Company divested from 4basebio AG (“4bb AG”), a German company listed on the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, following the disposal by 4bb AG (then named Expedeon AG) of its proteomics and immunology business to AIM-quoted Abcam plc in January 2020 for €120million. Following the disposal, 4bb AG retained its genomics business which owned and licensed certain intellectual property including its proprietary, patent-protected technology, TruePrime™. This is the foundation for building the Company’s synthetic DNA manufacturing business which 4bb AG transferred to the Company along with funding to continue the Company’s development and investment.


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