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Paladin Resources (PLR)

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Wednesday 16 June, 2004

Paladin Resources

Holding(s) in Company

Paladin Resources PLC
16 June 2004

                                   SCHEDULE 10



All relevant boxes should be completed in block capital letters.

1.  Name of company                        2. Name of shareholder having a major interest

     PALADIN RESOURCES PLC                       Barclays Group

3. Please state whether notification       Name of the registered holder(s)and, if more than
indicates that it is in respect of holding one holder, the number of shares held by each of
of the shareholder named in 2 above or in  them
respect of a non-beneficial interest or in
the case of an individual holder if it is
a holding of that person's spouse or
children under the age of 18               

   IN RESPECT OF SHAREHOLDER NAMED IN 2    See Attached Schedule

5. Number of shares/   6. Percentage of    7. Number of shares/    8. Percentage of issued
amount of stock        issued class        amount of stock         class
acquired                                   disposed

 N/A                      N/A                N/A                     N/A

9. Class of security                       10. Date of transaction 11. Date company informed

    ORDINARY SHARES OF£0.10                        2 June 2004             4 June 2004

12. Total holding following this           13. Total percentage holding of issued class
notification                               following this     notification

     32,337,952                                 10.02%

14. Any additional information             15. Name of contact and telephone number for
                                           queries GARY GRAY, BURNESS 0131 473 6103

16. Name and signature of authorised company official
     responsible for making this notification

Date of notification

Company Announcement Office, Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1HP

Facsimile: 020 7588 6057, 020 7334 8964/8965/8966 (PLEASE DO NOT POST)

Enquiries: Company Monitoring and Enquiries, UK Listing Authority

                          REGISTERED HOLDERS REPORT


As at 02 June 2004 Barclays PLC, through the registered holders listed below,
had a notifiable interest in 32,337,962  IRD GBOC,19 representing 10.02% of the
issued share capital of 322,825,221 units.

Registered Holder                                                                No of Shares

ABBEY2TTL-830763-VIDACOS NOMIN             ABBEY2TT                                   594,011

ABBEYUTTL-6010782807-VIDACOS N             ABBEYUTT                                   103,069

ABPEURUKQ-872482-MELLON NOMINE             ABPEURUK                                   573,360

ABUEURTTL-8003168-MORGAN NOMIN             ABUEURTT                                   160,948

ACEEQT'TTL-50'(577191-BT GLOBENE           ACEEQTTT                                    23,505

ALEXITTTL-28166-CHASE NOMINEES             ALEXITTT                                 1,029,336

ALMLUFTTL 18409-CHASE MANHATTA             ALMLUFTT                                   122,797

ALSMCOTTL-16482-CHASE MANHATTA             ALSMCOTT                                 1,666,718

ASTEXMTTL-21359-CHASE NOMINEES             ASTEXMTT                                   670,034

ASUKEXTTL-20947-CHASE MANHATTA             ASU KEXTT                               12,649,002

AXATRKTTL-845315-MIDLAND BANK              AXATRKTT                                     7,288

B235OFTTL-19499-CHASE MANHATTA             8235OFTT                                    31,125

BARGRGTTL-20717-CHASE MANHATTA             BARG RGTT                                   13,426

BDUKEQTTL-N3YZ-,STATE STREET               BDUKEQTT                                    22,051

BEUREQTTL-N302-STATE STREET                B EU REQTT                                  17,690
BLENTFUKO-16344-CHASE MANHATTA             BLENTFUK                                   131,627

BLENTPUKQ-16345-CHASE MANHATTA             BLENTFUK                                   225,411

BLEQPTUEA-16341-CHASE MANHATTA             BLEQPTUE                                   472,495

BLEQPTUKQ-16341-CHASE MANHATTA             BLEQPTUK                                   238,115

BLFEDRTTL-28269-CHASE NOMINEES             BLFEDRTT                                    34,696

BLFEPDTTL-28270-CHASE NOMINEES             BLFEPDTT                                   180,231

BLFEPDUKO 28270-CHASE NOMINEES             BLFEPDUK                                   100,012

BLUKINTTL-16400-CHASE MANHATTA             BLUKINTT                                 1,665,329

BRKSPFTTL-813168-MIDLAND BANK              BRKSPFTT                                   255,990

SUCAPTUEA-19503-CHASE MANHATTA             BUCAPTUE                                   107,487

BUCAPTUKQ-19503-CHASE MANHATTA             BUCAPTUK                                    39,825

BUDISTUKA-19514 CHASE MANHATTA             BUDISTUK                                    40,977

BUEXINTTL-19520-CHASE MANHATTA             BUEXINTT                                   449,694

BUFIVE350-19508-CHASE MANHATTA             B U FI VE35                                184,533

BUGENRUEA 19507-CHASE MANHATTA             BUGENRUE                                   241,199

BU INVFTTL-19518-CHASE MANHATTA            BUINVFTT                                   103,724

BUKEQUTTL-N3136-STATE STREET               BUKEQUTT                                   114,089

BUSPCSUKQ-19519-CFIASE MANHATTA            BUSPCSUK                                   744,143

CAAPENTTLCVS21-NORTHERN TRUST              CAAPENTT                                   285,153

CEULIPTTL-367748-BANK OF NEW Y             C EU LIPTT                               1,095,433

CHATRKTTL-16376-CHASE MANHATTA             CHATRKTT                                   170,966
CHRSTHUKX-16621-CHASE MANHATTA             CHRSTH UK                                   64,354

CHUCOMTTL-31961-CHASE NOMINEES             CHUCOMTT                                   387,324

CLTWORTTL-392177-BANK OF NEW Y             CLTWORTT                                   105,675

COLEMXTTL-6010064440-CITISANK              COLEMXTT                                    10,381

COUEUKTTL-392067-BANK OF NEW Y             COUEUKTT                                 1,222,532

DENTSTUKA-16644-CHASE MANHATTA             DENTSTUK                                   146,959

DUNSWRUKA-16612-CHASE MANHATTA             DUN SW RUK                                 105,260

DYFEDXUKA-772823-MIDLAND BANK              DYFEDXUK                                   703,518

FFP350TTL-221476-BNY (OCS) NOM             FFP350TT                                    91,686

FFPONGTTL-221428-BANK OF NEW Y             F FPON GTT                                 155,426

FKRUSSTTL-501562755-BANKERS TR.            FKRUSSTT                                   534,734

FRNUKQTTL-501575013-BANKERS TR             FRNUKQTT                                   112,745

GMITRNTTL-25772CHASE MANHATTA              G M ITRNTT                                 171,164

IFT250TTL-4224361 -BO ISS NOMINE           IFT250TT                                    90,960

INVESTORS BANK AND TRUST CO.               527191                                     387,406

INVESTORS BANK AND TRUST CO.               536747                                      96,319

JPMORGAN CHASE BANK                        540186                                       2,497

JPMorgan Chase Bank                        BTGF01 IE                                   53,184

JPMorgan Chase Bank                        BTGF051E                                    55,151

KIOGEQUKA-387173-BNY(OCS) NOM              KIOGEQUK                                    51,745

MARKIPTTL-814537-MIDLAND BANK              MARKIPTT                                    27,077

Mitsubishi Trust International             BNNO331E                                     4,698

NORTHERN TRUST BANK- BGI SEPA              581610                                      32,777

NORTHERN TRUST BANK- BGI SEPA              584069                                      14,650

NORTHERN TRUST BANK- BGI SEPA              604162                                       5,120

NUFFOUTTL-TNF01-NORTRUST NOMIN             NUFFOUTT                                   128,470

NUFGENUKA-16901-CHASE MANHATTA             NUFGENUK                                    50,003

PGUKALTTL-613363-CITIBANK NA               PG UKALTT                                  204,396

PPPMEDUKQ-8002238 DEUTSCHE BAN             PPPMEDUK                                    43,943

PTMA1ITTL-27717-CHASE NOMINEES             PTMA11 TT                                  132,605

R C Greig Nominees Limited GP1             GPI                                          1,000

ROYLIVTTL-LIV02-NORTRUST NOMIN             ROYLIVTT                                   256,057

SCTPEQTLC-S0006-NORTRUST NOMIN             SCTPEQTL                                   104,087

TPGEQ UTTL-6948890986-CITIBANK             TPGEQUTT                                   133,794

TRIBUNTTL-18243-CHASE MANHATTA             TR IBUNTT                                   41,775

UNIAEQTTL-USF12-NORTHERN TRUST             UNTAEQTT                                   446,910
WELLCOTTL-JD12-STATE STREET                WELLCOTT                                   157,057

WOOUSFTTL-214075-BANK OF NEW Y             WOOUSFTT                                 1,324,034

ZEBAN NOMINEES LIMITED                                                                115,000

Group Holding                                                                      32,337,962

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            The company news service from the London Stock Exchange