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Thursday 31 July, 2003

Time Source
5:49 pm RNS Report Factsheet Raft Int'l PLC (RFT) Rule 2.10 announcement
5:20 pm RNS   Factsheet Advance Capital (ISD) Interim Results
5:19 pm RNS   Factsheet Redbus Interhouse (RBI) Holding(s) in Company
5:18 pm RNS   Factsheet Redbus Interhouse (RBI) Holding(s) in Company
5:01 pm RNS Report Factsheet Cobra Bio-Manufact. (CBF) Holding(s) in Company
5:00 pm RNS   Factsheet Carlisle Holdings Ld (BBHL) 1st Quarter Results
05:00 pm
4:34 pm RNS Report Factsheet Abbey PLC (ABBY) Director Shareholding
4:33 pm RNS   Factsheet Highbury House Comms (HHO) Directorate Change
4:30 pm RNS   Factsheet Tepnel Life Sciences (~256) Holding(s) in Company
4:29 pm RNS   Factsheet Documedia Solutions (TNG) AGM Statement
4:20 pm RNS Report Factsheet InTechnology PLC (ITO) Acquisition completion
4:20 pm RNS   Factsheet Highbury House Comms (HHO) Completion
4:13 pm RNS Report Factsheet Halladale Group PLC (HDG) Additional Listing
04:00 pm
3:55 pm RNS   Factsheet AWG Services PLC (PIRI) Interim Results
3:55 pm RNS Report Factsheet Earthport PLC (EPO) Issue of Equity
3:51 pm RNS   Factsheet Carbo PLC (~199) Results for the year
3:41 pm RNS   Factsheet Mentmore PLC (MEN) Further re Disposal
3:02 pm RNS Report Factsheet Intelliplus Group (IPS) Issue of Equity
03:00 pm
2:59 pm RNS Report Factsheet Theo Fennell PLC (TFL) Loan Stock/Directors hldg-Amd
2:45 pm RNS Report Factsheet Einstein Group PLC (EIC) Administration Order
2:41 pm RNS   Factsheet Enneurope PLC (ENU) Acquisition
2:30 pm RNS   Factsheet Mano River Resources (MANA) Board Change & Annual Report
2:25 pm RNS   Factsheet Pathfinder Props PLC (PFP) Holding(s) in Company - Amend
02:00 pm
1:50 pm RNS Report Factsheet Netcall PLC (NET) Holding(s) in Company
1:38 pm CIS   Factsheet Rowe Evans Invs. (MPE) Holding(s) in Company
1:30 pm RNS   Factsheet Mondas PLC (CNS) Re Contract
1:21 pm RNS   Factsheet Kuju PLC (KUJ) AGM Statement
1:11 pm RNS   Factsheet GUS PLC (GUS) Additional Listing
1:06 pm RNS Report Factsheet Internet Music&Media (IMM) Result of AGM
1:00 pm RNS Report Factsheet Theo Fennell PLC (TFL) AGM Statement
01:00 pm
12:53 pm RNS Report Factsheet Gold Mines Of Sardin (AMER) AGM Statement
12:33 pm RNS   Factsheet Airsprung Furniture (APG) Holding(s) in Company
12:10 pm RNS   Factsheet Roxspur PLC (TTL) Statement re. Suspension
12:00 pm
11:59 am RNS Report Factsheet Metalrax Group. (MRX) Holding(s) in Company
11:41 am RNS   Factsheet Talent Group PLC (GUSC) Re Contract
11:25 am RNS Report Factsheet Johnson Service Grp. (JSG) Holding(s) in Company
11:23 am RNS   Factsheet St. Barbara Mines Ld (SBM) Fourth Quarter Results
11:06 am RNS Report Factsheet OverNet Data PLC (FGN) Director Shareholding
11:00 am RNS Report Factsheet TripleArc (TPA) AGM Statement
11:00 am
10:30 am RNS Report Factsheet UBC Media Group PLC (UBC) UBC reports improved RAJAR's
10:18 am RNS   Factsheet Dwyka Diamonds Ltd (NYO) Prospecting permit awarded
10:13 am RNS Report Factsheet HPD Exploration PLC (PGD) Holding(s) in Company
10:11 am RNS   Factsheet Mentmore PLC (MEN) Result of EGM
10:03 am RNS Report Factsheet Bodycote Intnl. PLC (PTV) Holding(s) in Company
10:00 am RNS Report Factsheet Sopheon PLC (SPE) AGM Statement
10:00 am
9:49 am RNS Report Factsheet Sibir Energy PLC (SBE) Salym Licences
9:34 am RNS   Factsheet Dickinson Legg Group (DKL) Appointment of Director
9:26 am RNS   Factsheet Montpellier Group (MPL) Holding(s) in Company
9:16 am RNS Report Factsheet First Prop Online (FPO) Finance Director Appointment
09:00 am
8:53 am RNS   Factsheet Westside Acquisition (WST) AGM Statement
8:51 am RNS   Factsheet World SportsSolution (~215) Interim Results
8:00 am RNS   Factsheet Jumbo Int. Plc (JUM) Offer Update
8:00 am RNS   Factsheet Private & Comm. Fin. (PCF) Placing of Loan Notes
08:00 am
7:48 am RNS   Factsheet Stanelco PLC (BIOM) Acquisition
7:01 am RNS   Factsheet Virotec Intl Ld (VTI) Quarterly cash flow report
7:00 am RNS Report Factsheet Raft Int'l PLC (RFT) Statement re Possible Offer
7:00 am RNS   Factsheet Ringprop PLC (RPP) Directorate Change
7:00 am RNS   Factsheet Ringprop PLC (RPP) Re Joint Venture
7:00 am RNS Report Factsheet ARC Risk Management (REDT) Final Results
7:00 am RNS   Factsheet Internet Business Gp (IBG) Interim Results

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