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Friday 28 November, 2008

First Date Budgets Unaffected by Credit Crunch

LONDON, November 28 /PRNewswire/ --     New research by UK online dating site 
( shows that singles are spending as much as ever
on a first date, despite the credit crunch.

    Just 12% of single men were expecting to reduce the amount they would
spend on a date due to the economic meltdown.

    The study also revealed a surprising disparity between the sexes when it
comes to the thorny issue of who should pick up the tab for a first date: 64%
of guys believe the man should pay, whilst only 35% of women would expect
their date to settle the bill.

    Even more surprising was the revelation that the younger the respondent,
the more traditional their views on this subject.

    When under 21s were asked the same question, 80% of guys thought the man
should pay, with 47% of women agreeing that the man should pick up the tab.

    Dan Winchester of Free (
commented: "This research shows that the traditionally-held view that the man
should pay for a first date is alive and kicking - even more so amongst the
younger generation. Furthermore, guys are not letting the credit crunch hold
them back when it comes to splashing out on a first date".

    Asked how much they would spend on a date, Liverpudlians were by far the
most generous, budgeting an average of GBP72. They were followed by guys from
Coventry and Birmingham.

    Sheffield singletons were the stingiest, with an average budget of GBP45.
Guys from Nottingham and Southampton were also languishing at the bottom of
the generosity table.

    Londoners were reasonably high up the rankings, with an average budget of

    However, there were marked differences within London itself, with the
majority of guys from Chelsea expecting to pay in excess of GBP100 for a
first date. Chelsea was followed closely by Greenwich and Kensington in this

    Meanwhile, single men from Kilburn, Stoke Newington and Walthamstow were
amongst the tightest, where the average budget was below GBP50 in each case.

    Respondents also had the opportunity to recount the stingiest first dates
they had been out on.

    One woman was taken to McDonalds, where her date revealed he only had
enough money for two kids meals.

    Another was taken to the cinema on "Orange Wednesdays", where she paid
for the ticket, whilst her date had the free one.

    Other cheap dates included dinner at a free food outlet for the homeless,
and a day out badger watching.

    Winchester commented: "Whilst the majority of women are perfectly happy
to pay their own way on a first date, men should be aware that most of their
fellow suitors will be offering to pay. Our research also confirms that,
unsurprisingly, many women find meanness with money an unattractive trait".

    "If you are on a tight budget, try and make up for your lack of funds
with an abundance of imagination - doing something interesting or exciting
will make the small budget less obvious".

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Notes to editors:

About this research:

    This research was based on an online poll of 9,565 UK members of, questioned between 6th and 18th of November 2008.

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About Dan Winchester:

    Dan Winchester, 34 and from Reading, is director of Labworks Ltd, which
runs and various other internet ventures. He previously held
positions at FHM and

    Further information:
    Dan Winchester