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Stagecoach Group PLC (SGC)

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Friday 30 August, 2019

Stagecoach Group PLC

Result of AGM

Result of AGM

Stagecoach Group PLC: Result of AGM

At the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of Stagecoach Group plc (the "Company") held earlier today, 30 August 2019, shareholders duly passed all of the resolutions proposed. Each of the resolutions put to the AGM was voted on by way of a poll.

Resolutions 1 to 17 (inclusive) were passed as ordinary resolutions and resolutions 18 to 21 (inclusive) were passed as special resolutions. The votes received in respect of each of the resolutions were as follows:

ResolutionVotes For% ForVotes Against% AgainstTotal votesTotal votes as % of total voting rightsVotes Withheld
1.  To receive the 2019 Annual Report and the reports of the Directors and auditors thereon441,130,71699.731,183,1040.27442,313,82079.63%387,504
2.  To approve the Directors’ remuneration report (other than the summary of the Directors’ remuneration policy)364,967,24382.4677,615,69217.54442,582,93579.68%117,389
3.   To declare a final dividend441,242,46499.671,450,9760.33442,693,44079.70%7,885
4.   To re-elect Gregor Alexander as a Director429,572,92397.0513,079,6572.95442,652,58079.69%47,745
5.    To re-elect James Bilefield as a Director428,864,18896.8913,766,2753.11442,630,46379.69%69,862
6.   To re-elect Sir Ewan Brown CBE as a Director428,128,47797.1312,663,5022.87440,791,97979.36%1,908,346
7.    To re-elect Dame Ann Gloag OBE as a Director436,385,48398.596,262,3861.41442,647,86979.69%52,456
8.   To re-elect Martin Griffiths as a Director438,658,23499.103,979,3300.90442,637,56479.69%62,761
9.    To re-elect Ross Paterson as a Director438,604,79899.094,038,4560.91442,643,25479.69%57,071
10.   To re-elect Sir Brian Souter as a Director427,844,85496.6614,784,8443.34442,629,69879.69%70,626
11.   To re-elect Ray O’Toole as a Director415,708,33793.9226,907,8086.08442,616,14579.68%84,179
12.    To re-elect Karen Thomson as a Director441,399,47399.721,229,7830.28442,629,25679.69%71,069
13.    To re-elect Will Whitehorn as a Director440,761,16399.581,859,8140.42442,620,97779.69%79,348
14.   To re-appoint Ernst & Young LLP as auditors441,825,20199.82778,3370.18442,603,53879.68%97,785
15.    To authorise the Audit Committee to  determine  

 the auditors’ remuneration
16.    To authorise political donations441,634,14999.78981,3550.22442,615,50479.68%85,353
17.   To authorise the Directors to allot shares440,463,18899.512,176,5360.49442,639,72479.69%57,960
18.   To disapply statutory pre-emption rights attaching 

 to shares
19.    To disapply statutory pre-emption rights in   

 connection  with an acquisition or specified capital

20.   To authorise the Company to purchase its

 ordinary shares
21.    To approve the notice period for calling general meetings433,796,15198.008,856,1742.00442,652,32579.69%47,532


The percentages of votes “For” and “Against” each resolution are expressed as a percentage of the total of (1) the votes “For” and votes “Against” the resolution (together the “Total Votes”). A vote withheld is not a vote in law and is not counted in the calculation of the proportion of votes “For” and “Against” a resolution.

The “Total votes as % of total voting rights” column shows the percentage that the Total Votes on that resolution represent of the total number of voting rights attached to shares in issue at the date of the AGM. The total number of voting rights attached to shares in issue at the date of the AGM excluding shares held in treasury was 555,462,821.

In accordance with the Financial Conduct Authorities Listing Rule 9.6.2, copies of all the resolutions passed other than resolutions concerning ordinary business have been submitted today to the National Storage Mechanism ("NSM") and will shortly be available for inspection on the NSM's website at

For further information, please contact:

Stagecoach Group plc                                                                              

Mike Vaux, Company Secretary                                                                       01738 442111

30 August 2019  

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