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COPENHAGEN, July 16 /PRNewswire/ --

- Looking for New Music - Call for Entries

    As more and more people listen to music on their MP3 mobile phones and
iPhones, the music quality of the headset becomes more and more important. So
to promote their new range of high-quality music headsets and their Mobile
Music Microsite, Sennheiser
Communications have decided to foster and publicise new music, with a global
online talent contest.



    Famous producer Mousse T. (e.g. Tom Jones's Sexbomb) of Peppermint Park
studios is totally convinced by the outstanding quality of our Mobile Music
Headsets and has agreed to judge submissions for the 'Artist of the Month
Award' (see profile below).

    Each month the winner will be featured on the Sennheiser Communications'
Mobile Music Microsite, with a full artist profile, publicity photos and
more. Three songs by the winner will be available for free for public
download and the visitors will vote for these as "Song of the Month". Voters
will be entered into a competition to win valuable Sennheiser Communications
prizes each month.

    The winning artist will receive extensive publicity, helping to
kick-start their music career, following Sennheiser's long tradition of
endorsing supported artists before they become famous. This competition is a
great way to break through for musicians that do not want to go through
mainstream media and TV shows, such as American Idol, as offering tracks for
free download is now an accepted way for musicians to get early recognition
and acquire a fan base.

It's all about good music!

    Any musician anywhere can enter, all they have to do is register on the
Sennheiser Communications' Mobile Music Microsite and send in their music.

    The artists prizes

    - A full month of publicity as 'Artist of the Month' on
      Sennheiser Communications' Mobile Music Microsite

    - A full website biography, music showcase and links to the artist's

    - A years coverage on our Mobile Music Microsite

    - A global press campaign publicising the winner

    - Three tracks by the winner will be available for free download by the

    - Participation in the competition "Artist of the Year 2009"

Vote and win

    All site visitors can vote for their favourite song and win some great
Mobile Music Headsets from Sennheiser Communications. There will be three
monthly prizes, such as the best-selling MM 50 for iPhone or Nokia. The
contest will be repeated every month as each new artist is featured, so there
are many opportunities to win. 

Judge: Remix talent Mousse T. judges Artist Of The Month

    Noted producer Mustafa Gundogdu, better known as Mousse T., already had a
string of international successes before Peppermint Park Studios opened. His
own hit single Horny sold over 10 million copies worldwide and made him one
of the most successful producers. Musical giants the likes of Michael
Jackson, Quincy Jones, Gloria Estefan, Backstreet Boys, Simply Red, No
Angels, Fine Young Cannibals and Moloko have all given permission for him to
arrange new versions of their hits. His remix work made him the first German
to receive a Grammy nomination in this category. Mousse T. then went on to
gain major international recognition as a songwriter and music producer with
the hit single Sexbomb, which he wrote exclusively for Tom Jones in 1999.
Today, with his record label Peppermint Jam, he produces primarily
club-oriented pop music with strong jazz and soul influences. He is
particularly keen to encourage the development of new artists such as Emma
Lanford and Sharon Phillips yet he also continues to enjoy international
success with his remixes for hit artists such as Timbaland and Missy Elliott.
And the secret of his success? Mousse T. describes his philosophy as: "I am a
music lover with a sense of humour who gives more than one hundred percent
for his love".

    "I have worked with Sennheiser for many years in a professional category
and am delighted to see them bring their level of quality to the mobile music

About Sennheiser Communications

    Sennheiser Communications is the result of a joint venture
between the electro acoustics specialist Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG,
and the hearing healthcare specialist William Demant Holding Group. Decades
of experience in pro music and hearing healthcare have helped the
five-year-old company produce award-winning, innovative headsets.

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