Albright Stonebridge Group

Leading Global Strategy Firms Join Forces to Be...

WASHINGTON, June 25 /PRNewswire/ --

    Stonebridge International and The Albright Group today announced their
merger, creating the Albright Stonebridge Group, the premier global strategy
firm helping clients navigate the intersection between business, finance,
government and civil society in markets around the world.

    Former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, former National Security
Advisor Samuel R. "Sandy" Berger and former Senator Warren Rudman will lead
the firm. Wendy R. Sherman and H.P. Goldfield will serve as Vice Chairs, and
former Ambassador to Brazil Anthony S. Harrington will serve as CEO. Other
principals are Suzanne A. George, James C. O'Brien and Michael J. Warren.

    "We have created a firm with unmatched breadth and depth of talent,
regional expertise and global networks," said Secretary Albright. "Albright
Stonebridge meets the growing demand for problem-solvers who deliver results.
Our combined reach and capability make us the best team to deliver for
companies and organizations in every region of the world."

    Mr. Berger said of the combination: "I am delighted that our two firms
are joining forces. In this changing global economy, success for growing
companies and organizations requires a sophisticated understanding of current
developments in challenging markets. Together, we can provide our clients
with the informed advice and assistance they need to find creative solutions
to complex business and governmental issues."

    Albright Stonebridge works with businesses, associations and non-profits
to help them assess and manage risk, seize opportunities, and solve
commercial, political and regulatory challenges in global markets. The firm
also provides clients with strategic advice, transaction support, crisis
management, planning for corporate responsibility and citizenship, and
analysis of privatization opportunities.

    Based in Washington, D.C. the Albright Stonebridge Group will have local
presence in New York, Brussels, Beijing, Shanghai, New Delhi and Sao Paulo.
The team of professionals includes a range of former senior officials from
the U.S. and other countries, as well as experienced business executives.

    The firm also advises Albright Capital Management, an emerging markets
investment firm led by seasoned investment professionals. Albright
Stonebridge will be a significant shareholder of Albright Capital Management,
as well as of Civitas Group, the leading strategic advisory firm in homeland
and national security.

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