Further Digital Investment

13 July 2000

                     EMAP EXTENDS REACH TO OVER 50S MARKET

Emap  plc  announced today a further Internet initiative in France,  following
its  investment  in  March in the French web-tv site nouvo.com.  Emap  Digital
France  and  Antoine  Adam,  founder of Pleine Vie -  France's  third  largest
monthly  magazine, have created a joint venture to launch an  internet  portal
targeting the French over 50s market.

Emap,  the third largest magazine group in France, entered the 'mature' market
with  the purchase of one of France's best selling magazines, Pleine  Vie,  in
July 1999. The magazine targets the over 50s market, primarily women, and  has
a  monthly circulation of over one million. Pleine Vie's readership reflects a
market  that is forecasting solid and sustained demographic growth  well  into
the  next decade.  In France, as in the UK and elsewhere, a slowing birth-rate
and  increase in life expectancy are contributing to an overall ageing of  the
population.  Between 1998 and 2005 the over 50s age group will increase by 11%
(compared  to 3% growth for the population overall) and by 2005 will represent
34% of the French population and 50% of its consumer purchasing power.

The  new  portal  will draw upon the content and promotional power  of  Emap's
powerful media brands and the substantial market knowledge of Antoine Adam. It
will complement Emap's ongoing offline media in France, creating opportunities
to cross promote editorial and advertising.

The  partnership is to invest FF30 million in the next year. Revenues from the
new portal will initially be derived from advertising, however, in time, other
revenue streams are expected from e-commerce opportunities.

Commenting on the joint venture, Paul Keenan, Chief Executive of Emap  Digital

'As  with our previous digital initiatives, this latest investment complements
our  existing offline media for this market. We are delighted to  develop  our
relationship  with  Antoine  Adam,  and  by  combining  Emap's  creative   and
promotional  expertise with Antoine Adam's experience in the over-50s  market,
we  can  further  develop  a strong presence in the mature  market,  which  is
increasingly valuable to advertisers.'

Antoine Adam, who will be Chairman of the new partnership's Supervisory Board,

'Fifteen  years' experience with Pleine Vie magazine has given me  a  valuable
insight  into the mature market. In recent years, the over 50s has  become  an
undeniable force in our society. In conjunction with Emap, I am confident that
we can offer this market an unparalleled internet portal.'


Paul Keenan, Chief Executive
Emap Digital                       Tel: 020 7868 7511

Arnaud de Puyfontaine, CEO
Emap France                        Tel: +33 (0) 1 41 33 52 70

Tim Spratt / Tania Wild
Financial Dynamics                 Tel: 020 7831 3113

Notes to editors:

Emap Digital

Emap  Digital, established in November 1999, has responsibility for Emap plc's
online  assets globally, and seeks to create extensive new e-commerce  revenue
streams.  Emap has an asset base of extremely strong brands, loyal high  value
customers  and  differentiated content in both B2C and  B2B.  In  March,  Emap
Digital   was  formed  into  a  separate  division  drawing  together   Emap's
established internet presence in one focused organisation.