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Sage Group PLC 18 March 2002 The Sage Group plc (the 'Company') DISCLOSURE OF INTEREST IN SHARES The Company was informed on 13 February 2002 that Deutsche Bank AG and its subsidiary companies have a notifiable interest in 166,875,580 Ordinary shares of 1p each, representing 13.10% of the total shares in issue. Further details are as follows:- Held as Principal No. of Shares Deutsche Bank AG London 5,786,406 Morgan Grenfell & Co Limited 771,184 Held in Customer Portfolio Morgan Nominees 64,833,295 Morgan Nominees CHY 613,475 Morgan Nominees CSL 228,466 Morgan Nominees DGR 697,693 Morgan Nominees ENF 628,243 Morgan Nominees LAM 699,386 Morgan Nominees MER 198,169 Morgan Nominees NG 311,115 Morgan Nominees SAM 112,929 Morgan Nominees SL 1,071,943 Bank of New York Nominees 3,869,588 Bank of New York Nominees A/C VC 61,488 Bank of New York Nominees 588251 40,900 Bank of Tokyo London 3,260 British Overseas Bank A/c 7020 252,797 BT Globenet Nominees Ltd 813,279 Channel Nominees 380,516 Chase Nominees 30,753,606 Chase Nominees A/c 14186 391,043 Citicorp Nominees 29,300 Clydesdale Bank Custodian Nominees 704,615 Deutsche Asset Management GmbH 3,437,162 Deutsche Bank Alex Brown NY 2,297,291 Deutsche Bank International Limited 1,289,159 Deutsche Bank Japan Ltd 68,587 Deutsche Bank (C I) Limited 108,492 Finanza & Futuro 200,000 HSBC Global Custody Nominees 3,936,809 Lloyds Bank Nominees 368,726 Lothian Regional Council 2,191,182 Mirglip Nominees 83,300 National Provincial 227,696 Nortrust Nominees Ltd 18,061,357 Perry Nominees 339,242 Raiffeisen Zentralbank Nominees 15,465 RBSTB Nominees 9,228,034 RBSTB Nominees A/c RTLDN 293,175 State Street Nominees 8,278,272 State Street Nominees A/c SD12 1,057,657 Sutrin Nominees 55,650 Tokyo Trust 395,560 Vidacos Nominees 1,686,588 To be Advised 3,480 TOTAL 166,875,580 This information is provided by RNS The company news service from the London Stock Exchange


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