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Sage Group PLC 30 March 2001 Sage Group plc (the 'Company') DISCLOSURE OF INTEREST IN SHARES The Company was informed on 29 March 2001 that Deutsche Bank AG London has a notifiable interest in 131,136,445 Ordinary shares of 1p each, representing 10.34% of the total shares in issue. Deutsche Bank AG is a corporation domiciled in Frankfurt, Germany, of which Deutsche Bank AG London is a branch. Further details are as follows:- Registered Holders No. of Shares Held as Principal Morgan Grenfell & Co Ltd 720,989 Deutsche Bank AG London 3,022,486 Held in Customer Portfolios Morgan Nominees 52,898,168 Morgan Nominees BIPF 567,096 Morgan Nominees CHY 586,560 Morgan Nominees CSL 180,701 Morgan Nominees DGR 727,992 Morgan Nominees ENF 460,608 Morgan Nominees LAM 581,289 Morgan Nominees MER 197,869 Morgan Nominees NG 191,115 Morgan Nominees PGP 108,744 Morgan Nominees SAM 98,324 Morgan Nominees SL 1,899,569 Bank of New York Nominees 198,340 Bank of New York Nominees VC 12,528 Bank of New York Nominees 588251 5,210 Bank of Tokyo London 3,260 British Overseas Bank 6951 899,234 British Overseas Bank 7020 185,341 BT Globenet Nominees Ltd 975,730 Channel Nominees 280,272 Chase Nominees 4,012,398 Chase Nominees 14186 285,034 Citicorp Nominees 29,300 Clydesdale Bank Custodian Nominees 821,859 Deutsche Bank International Ltd 1,090,300 Glyn Nominees AY 63,321 HSBC Global Custody Nominees 25,800 Lloyds Bank Nominees 276,593 Lothian Regional Council 1,533,050 Mirglip Nominees 83,300 MSS Nominees 18,121,254 MSS Nominees 767137 24,346 National & Provincial 129,566 Nortrust Nominees Ltd 13,672,868 Perry Nominees 259,288 Railways Pension Trustee Company Ltd 8,170,498 Raiffeisen Zentralbank Nominees 10,350 RBSTB Nominees 8,833,333 RBSTB Nominees RTLDN 225,775 State Street Nominees 6,200,056 State Street Nominees SJ22 490,976 State Street Nominees SD12 494,132 Sutrin Nominees 20,730 Tokyo Trust 150,900 Vidacos Nominees 1,307,713 To be advised 2,280 TOTAL 131,136,445 NOTE: The shares comprised under this notification may, from time to time, be the subject of a stock lending agreement resulting in a change in registration but not in DBAG's interest in the shares.


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