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McBride PLC 20 February 2002 LETTER TO: COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENTS OFFICE LETTER DATED 19 FEBRUARY 2002 On the 19th February 2002, McBride plc received the following notification dated 18th February 2002 from Amvescap plc: S.198 Companies Act - Disclosure of Share Interest We write to give you notice that, following the purchase of 2,675,000 shares on 15th February 2002, AMVESCAP PLC (AMVESCAP) and subsidiary companies on behalf of discretionary clients have an interest within the meaning of Part VI of the Act in 21,495,228 Ordinary 10p Shares of your Company (representing 12.1 %); details of that interest, together with a breakdown between registered holders (as required by Section 202(3) of the Act), are set out below:- Registered Holder No of Shares % of Class Vidacos Nominees Limited 20,864,280 11.74 Chase Nominees Limited 211,245 0.12 Northern Trust Nominees Limited 419,703 0.24 21,495,228 12.10 We wish to advise you that none of these shares are beneficially owned by AMVESCAP. Subsidiary companies of AMVESCAP have a large number of portfolio management clients for whom they act as investment manager and investment advisor and by virtue of Section 203 of the Companies Act 1985 AMVESCAP is deemed to have the same interest in the shares. We would further advise that the above holding includes the following notifiable holdings:- INVESCO Perpetual High Income Fund still holds 9,030,001 shares (5.08%) and, following the purchase of 2,394,052 shares on 15th February 2002, INVESCO Perpetual International Core Fund holds 6,994,052 shares (3.909%), both registered in the name of Vidacos Nominees Limited. LETTER FROM: MCBRIDE PLC This information is provided by RNS The company news service from the London Stock Exchange


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