Holding in Company

McBride PLC 24 April 2001 Letter to: Company Announcements Office On 24 April 2001, McBride plc received the following notification dated 23 April 2001 from Franklin Resources Inc.: S.198 Companies Act - Disclosure of Share Interests We are acting on behalf of Franklin Resources, Inc and its affiliates, which includes Franklin Mutual Advisors, LLC and Templeton Worldwide, Inc. and its affiliates. Franklin Resources, Inc and its affiliates perform investment management and advisory services for clients on a global basis. We wish to advise you of interests in the share capital of your Company under management of Franklin Resources, Inc. and its affiliates on behalf of clients, as detailed in the schedule below. Registered Holder No. of shares % of Class Chase Nominees Ltd, London 13,842,870 7.7927 State Street Bank, London 350,000 0.1970 ---------- ------ TOTAL 14,192,870 7.9897 ========== ====== Letter from: McBride PLC


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