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Hong Kong Land Hldgs Ld 5 December 2001 HONGKONG LAND HOLDINGS LIMITED ('HKLH') SUBSTANTIAL SHAREHOLDER Following the repurchase by HKLH of its ordinary shares in the market on 5th December 2001 and the completion of cancellation in due course by HKLH of the relevant repurchased shares, there have been changes to the interests of substantial shareholders. The interest of The Hongkong Land, Company Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of HKLH) will increase from 2.83% to 3.03%, and, consequently, is now discloseable as a substantial shareholder. The interest of Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited ('JSH') in HKLH will also increase from 39.88% to 42.76%. JSH's interest is made up as follows:- No. of shares % JSH beneficial interest 911,951,564 39.73 The Hongkong Land Company, Limited 69,561,004 3.03 Total Interest 981,512,568 42.76 In addition, by virtue of its interest in JSH, Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited is deemed to be interested in the same number of shares. Neil M McNamara, Jardine Matheson Limited for and on behalf of Hongkong Land Holdings Limited 5th December 2001 www.jardines.com
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