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Guinness Peat Group PLC 5 April 2001 GUINNESS PEAT GROUP plc ('GPG') or 'the Company') PROPOSED YEAR END TIMETABLE 2001 In order to accommodate the different market practices of the London Stock Exchange ('LSE'), Australian Stock Exchange ('ASX') and New Zealand Stock Exchange ('NZSE'), being those markets on which GPG's shares are quoted, the Company announces that payment of the dividend is proposed to be made on 14 May 2001. The consequent proposed timetable for the dividend, Scrip Dividend Alternative and Capitalisation Issue, details of which will be contained in a Circular to shareholders to be posted on 18 April 2001, is as follows*: Preliminary announcement of results, dividend and 23.03.01 Scrip Dividend Alternative and Capitalisation Issue Shares marked ex-dividend (ASX) 02.04.01 Shares marked ex-dividend (LSE) 04.04.01 Record date for dividend 06.04.01 Head securities quoted ex-dividend (NZSE) 09.04.01 Post out Circular with GPG's Report and Accounts, 18.04.01 Summary Financial Statement and Forms of Election for the scrip dividend Final date for receipt of AGM proxies (48 hours in 09.05.01 advance of the AGM) Final date for receipt of scrip dividend elections 09.05.01 AGM (11.00 am UK time) 11.05.01 Allotment of Scrip Shares (5.00pm UK time) 11.05.01 Payment of cash dividend ** 14.05.01 Update of UK CREST accounts (5.00 am UK time) 14.05.01 Dealings commence in scrip dividend shares 14.05.01 Dispatch of FASTER mailings notifying NZ holders of 14.05.01 the change in holdings following the scrip dividend allotment Dispatch of scrip dividend share certificates 14.05.01 Shares marked ex-capitalisation on ASX and traded 15.05.01 on deferred settlement basis Shares marked ex-capitalisation in UK 16.05.01 Record date for Capitalisation Issue (UK and NZ) 18.05.01 Record date for Capitalisation Issue (Australia) 19.05.01 Allotment of Capitalisation Shares (5.00 pm UK 21.05.01 time) Head shares marked ex-capitalisation in NZ 22.05.01 Update of UK CREST accounts (5.00 am UK time) 22.05.01 Last day of deferred settlement trading on ASX 22.05.01 Post out Capitalisation Issue Certificates 22.05.01 (Australia) Dealings commence in Capitalisation Shares on LSE 22.05.01 and NZSE Post out Capitalisation Shares Certificates (UK) 22.05.01 Dealings commence in Capitalisation Shares (ASX) 23.05.01 Dispatch of FASTER mailings in NZ notifying NZ 23.05.01 holders of change in holdings following Capitalisation Issue Notes: *Actions take place on all three exchanges on the date specified unless otherwise indicated. ** The cash payment will be made to Shareholders on the Australian and New Zealand share registers in Australian and New Zealand dollars respectively, calculated at the rates of exchange ruling at 4.30 pm (UK time) on 8 May 2001. Shareholders on all 3 registers will have the opportunity to elect for one of the other two currencies, and a circular containing further information and a currency election form will be circulated with the Annual Report To ensure the integrity of the registers over record dates and 'ex' dates the 3 registers will be closed for transmissions between the registers at certain times. Enquiries: Richard Russell, Company Secretary 020 7236 0336


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