Share Buy Back, etc

Guinness Peat Group PLC 18 May 2000 GUINNESS PEAT GROUP plc SHARE BUYBACK AND OFFER OF CONVERTIBLE LOAN NOTES Guinness Peat Group plc ('GPG') announces that following the Closing Date for the Buyback Offer on 16 May 2000 it had received tenders for a total of 38,625,036 shares. Subject to approval by shareholders at the Extraordinary General Meeting to be held in London on 2 June 2000, and to satisfaction of the listing condition set out in the document relating to the Buyback Offer and issue of Convertible Loan Notes dated 18 April 2000, shareholders who made such valid tenders will have the number of their shares which they specified on their Buyback Form repurchased without any scaling back and will be issued one Convertible Loan Note for each ordinary share repurchased in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Buyback Offer. It is anticipated that the buyback will become effective and dealing will commence in the Convertible Loan Notes on 6 June 2000.


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