Interest on Loan Notes

Guinness Peat Group PLC 29 November 2000 Guinness Peat Group plc Interest on 8% Convertible Subordinated Unsecured Loan Notes Due 2005 ('the Loan Notes') Guinness Peat Group plc ('GPG') confirms that interest on its Loan Notes will be despatched on Friday 29 December 2000 for payment on 2 January 2001. The interest on each Loan Note will be 2.2904 pence and will be subject, as indicated in the Conditions, to withholding tax at the prevailing UK rate of 20%. The net figure payable will therefore be 1.8323 pence per Loan Note. Interest will normally be paid in the currency of the country in which the loan Notes are registered. For payment to holders requiring interest in Australian or New Zealand dollars, the relevant exchange rate for conversion will be established in London at close of business Wednesday 27 December 2000. Loan Note holders should note that GPG has decided to offer a facility whereby holders may elect to take interest on their entire holding in any one of GPG's 3 principal trading currencies (being Sterling or Australian or New Zealand Dollars) provided that such election is made, in writing, to the Registrar of the register on which their Loan Notes are held in UK, Australia or New Zealand as appropriate by 3pm (local time) on 15 December 2000. GPG is writing separately to Loan Note holders to confirm this facility. The timetable is therefore: Record Date Friday 8 December 2000 Election for currency option By 3pm local time 15 December 2000 Exchange Rate for Currency Option Close of business (London) 27 December 2000 Cheques despatched 29 December 2000 Payment Date 2 January 2001


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