Holding in Another Company

Guinness Peat Group PLC 17 November 2000 Coats Viyella Plc The following is the text of a notice sent today to Coats Viyella Plc in connection with the acquisitions of its shares by Guinness Peat Group plc: 'DISCLOSURE OF INTEREST IN SHARES PURSUANT TO SECTIONS 198 TO 202 OF THE COMPANIES ACT 1985 Guinness Peat Group plc and its subsidiary companies ('the Group') hereby notify Coats Viyella Plc ('CV') that following market purchases the Group's interest in the shares of CV amounts to 77,481,364 shares representing 11.02% of the issued share capital. So far as the Group is aware, no person interested in the Shares is party to any agreement or arrangement relating to the exercise of any rights conferred by holding the Shares subject to this notification.'


Coats Group (COA)
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