Director Shareholding

Balfour Beatty PLC 21 August 2001 On 19 July 2001, Balfour Beatty plc ('the Company') announced that certain of its directors had been granted options over the Company's 50p Ordinary Shares under the terms of the Company's Savings Related Share Option Scheme 2001 (' the Original Announcement'). Subsequently, for administrative reasons, it became necessary to amend the number of 50p Ordinary Shares in the Company over which each participant, including the directors named in the Original Announcement, was granted an option. As a result, the final number of 50p Ordinary Shares over which each of the directors named in the Original Announcement has been granted an option (and the total number of 50p Ordinary Shares now held under option) is as follows: Mr J L Cohen: 1,610 (Total options now held: 202,145) Mr M K Eckersall: 3,462 (103,462) Mr P J Lester: 1,585 (184,160) Mr I P Tyler: 1,358 (185,369) Mr M W Welton: 780 (369,237) Mr P J L Zinkin: 2,454 (266,765) All other information given in the Original Announcement, including the option exercise price of 154p and the various exercise periods, remain as stated in the Original Announcement.
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