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Accsys Technologies PLC 10 January 2007 10 January 2007 AIM: AXS Accsys Develops New Business with Wooden Bridges Contract from Dutch Government Accsys Technologies PLC ('Accsys' or 'the Company') announces that its 100% owned subsidiary, Titan Wood ( has secured a sizeable order for AccoyaTM from the Dutch government in the Province of Friesland. Approximately 1,200 m3 of AccoyaTM wood ( will be used as the main construction material for two unique heavy traffic road bridges across the A7 at the city of Sneek. The contract is a further boost for Titan Wood's new 30,000 m3 production facility in the Netherlands. Sneek's prestigious new bridges, each measuring twenty metres high by forty metres long, are due for completion by 2009. They mark a breakthrough in the use of durable modified wood in heavy traffic road bridge construction and will be the first of their kind in the world. AccoyaTM, with its outstanding dimensional stability, reliability and durability credentials, was the natural choice for the project. Project Manager for Sneek Bridge, Sieds Hoitinga, said: 'Several independent European research institutes were contracted to test Accoya's suitability for this project. After rigorous testing, we found that its dimensional stability and incredible durability put it head and shoulders above other wood species and showed that it is suitable for laminating in large sections measuring 1080 x 1400 mm. Other key considerations were AccoyaTM wood's superior UV resistance and its environmental credentials, in that it is non-toxic and made from sustainably grown timber. AccoyaTM is made through Titan Wood's proprietary process for the acetylation of wood. This process increases the amount of 'acetyl' molecules (which are naturally present in all species of wood) delivering exceptional performance attributes without damaging the wood. The process protects wood from rot by making it inedible to most micro-organisms and insects without making it toxic, unlike many conventional treatments. AccoyaTM benefits from almost total dimensional stability: swelling and shrinkage are virtually eliminated and the wood is therefore far less prone to cracking or warping. In addition, AccoyaTM wood is more resistant to UV degradation, meaning that it retains its natural appearance longer and, when coated, requires less frequent maintenance than unacetylated wood. Eddie Pratt, Chief Executive of Accsys, commented: 'This represents a real landmark for Accsys as AccoyaTM will be the first ever modified wood used for heavy traffic bridges, replacing materials such as steel and concrete. To date the principle focus of Titan Wood's business development has been on non-structural applications, such as joinery. This order from the provincial Dutch government creates an entirely new market category for AccoyaTM, in a segment which not only values the durability and dimensional stability of the wood but also its excellent strength-to-weight ratio - a property which has special significance in civil engineering projects. We fully expect interest in structural uses of AccoyaTM to grow rapidly. We are already in discussions with the Government in Chile, where a substantial programme to build more than 50 bridges in the Interlagos region is being planned.' ACCOYA is a registered trademark owned by Titan Wood Limited ENDS For further information, please contact: Accsys Technologies PLC William Paterson-Brown, +44 (0) 20 8122 9191 Executive Chairman Collins Stewart Limited Tim Mickley / Michael O'Brien +44 (0) 20 7523 8000 Parkgreen Communications Justine Howarth / Clare Irvine +44 (0) 20 7851 7480 Notes to Editors Titan Wood Limited ( is wholly owned subsidiary of the Accsys Technologies PLC ( group of companies. Accsys Technologies PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange AiM market under the symbol 'AXS'. Wood Acetylation is a process, which increases the amount of 'acetyl' molecules in wood, thereby changing its physical properties. The process protects wood from rot by making it 'inedible' to most micro-organisms and insects, without - unlike conventional treatments - making it toxic. It also greatly reduces the wood's tendency to swell and shrink, making it less prone to cracking and ensuring that when painted it requires dramatically reduced maintenance. AccoyaTM wood ( is produced using a patented process that effectively converts sustainably grown softwoods and non-durable hardwoods into what is best described as a 'new wood species'. Distinguished by its durability, dimensional stability and, perhaps most importantly of all, its reliability (in terms of consistency of both supply and quality), AccoyaTM wood is particularly suited to exterior applications where performance and appearance are valued. Unlike most tropical and European hardwoods, its colour does not degrade when exposed to ultraviolet light. Moreover, the AccoyaTM wood production process does not compromise the wood's strength or machinability. The combination of UV resistance, dimensional stability, durability and retained strength means that AccoyaTM wood offers a wealth of new opportunities to architects, designers and specifiers. For marine uses where weight is also important, AccoyaTM wood for the first time provides boat builders with a wood that is strong, lightweight, durable and which retains its natural beauty for far longer. END This information is provided by RNS The company news service from the London Stock Exchange BARARAR
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