Holding(s) in Company

Surgical Innovations Group plc Holding in Company On 1 December 2009, Surgical Innovations Group plc (the "Company") was notified that Mr. C W N John has a beneficial interest in the Company of 12,876,670 ordinary shares of 1p each representing 3.44 per cent. of the issued share capital. Mr. John's interest is held as follows: Name No. of shares Percentage holding C W N John 9,589,544 2.56 Cambria Tyre Co Ltd 1,800,696 0.48 Camflex Ltd 1,486,430 0.40 Total 12,876,670 3.44 Change of Adviser Name The Company also announces that with effect from 26 November 2009 its Nominated Adviser and Broker has changed its name from Hanson Westhouse Limited to Westhouse Securities Limited. Enquiries: Surgical Innovations Group plc 0113 230 7597 Graham Bowland Westhouse Securities Limited 0113 246 2610 Tim Feather / Matthew Johnson
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