REIT Declaration Forms

21 July 2015

Schroder Real Estate Investment Trust Limited
(the 'Company' / 'Group')

REIT Declaration Forms

On 1 May 2015 the Company converted to a Real Estate Investment Trust (‘REIT’) in order to reduce the overall burden of UK taxation and increase net income and overall profitability.

The Company’s Registrar, Computershare, has provided the necessary Declaration forms to all qualifying registered owners of the Company’s shares. However, the Board are aware that a number of investors hold shares via execution-only platforms or with ISA/SIPP providers and may not have been advised of the requirement to complete a declaration in order to receive their dividend gross. If a Declaration form is not completed the investor will receive a lower level of dividend due to withholding tax.

Declaration forms are available on the Company’s website The Declaration form should be completed and returned to the Computershare by 14 August 2015 to take effect for the August dividend payment.

Investors are therefore advised to seek independent tax advice and to contact their nominee company should they be deemed eligible to receive gross dividends.  Duplicate forms or details of shareholdings can be obtained by contacting Computershare’s helpline on 0870 707 4040 or use the “contact us” facility of Computershare’s Investor Centre website.

Full details of the REIT conversion proposal and rationale are also contained in the Circular available on the Company’s website


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