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Benjamin Hill Mining Corp. Highlights Results of Fluid Inclusion Study Indicating a Mineralized Epithermal System at Surface with Porphyry Potential at Depth

Benjamin Hill Mining Corp. Highlights Results of Fluid Inclusion Study Indicating a Mineralized Epithermal System at Surface with Porphyry Potential at Depth

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Benjamin Hill Mining Corp. (CSE: BNN) (OTCBB: BNNHF) (“BHM” or the “Company”) Benjamin Hill Mining Corporation is pleased to announce the results of a microthermometry analysis of fluid inclusions conducted on 42 samples collected from the Sonora Gold property. The samples included quartz, barite, calcite, and sphalerite specimens that represent the major mineralization bearing rock types found on the Sonora Gold Property. The samples were analyzed at the facilities in UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) by Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez-Partida and Dr. Macario Rocha-Rocha. The analysis provided over 1,500 data points from the samples provided.

The following points highlight the takeaways from the work:

  1. The presence of magmatic hydrothermal fluids was detected in most of the samples.
  2. The salinity and homogenization temperature plot in the range of an epithermal system with an overprinting magmatic influence (Figure 1).
  3. The fluid inclusions are derived from a hydrothermal system with a mixture of fluid types, which indicates formation at an estimated depth of hundreds of meters.  This observation combined with recent geophysical data, supports the hypothesis of the existence of a mineralized plutonic source with a high possibility for Au-Cu metallic enrichment and porphyry potential.
  4. Abundant evidence of boiling, which is commonly associated with economic mineral enrichment.
  5. Different exhumation depths which range between 150m and 750m in the mineralized structures on the property, which implies a vertical section of 600 m with potential for economic mineralization in our mineralized structures (Figure 2).

Macario Rocha-Rocha, Head Geologist and Project Manager of Benjamin Hill Mining Corp states: “The data that this study provides allows us to better comprehend the behavior and origin of the fluid which generates the mineralized structures at the Sonora Gold Property. It pushes our team forward into thinking of a bigger potential at depth for a gold-copper enrichment, and the possibility of a porphyry system.”

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Benjamin Hill Mining Corp. is a Canadian-listed junior gold exploration company focused on exploring and developing projects in Mexico. The Company’s Sonora Gold project covers 6,000 ha of highly prospective mineral concessions in the Caborca gold belt of Sonora, Mexico in close proximity to Magna Gold Corp’s San Francisco mine.

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Figure 1. Diagram showing the relationship between Homogenization temperature (°C) vs Salinity (wt. % NaCl equiv.), as well as the ranges for different ore deposits.

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Figure 2. Diagram showing the relationship between homogenization temperature (°C) and depth (depth). Note: this depth corresponds to the theoretical depth of exhumed of each sample.

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