Invesco Perpetual Select Trust

Change of Name

Invesco Perpetual Select Trust plc (the “Company”)
LEI: 549300JZQ39WJPD7U596

Change of name

The Board has resolved to change the Company’s registered name to "Invesco Select Trust plc", removing the word “Perpetual” from its existing name.  This will take effect when the Registrar of Companies issues a replacement certificate of incorporation.

The trading symbols (or “TIDMs”) and ISIN codes for the Company’s four classes of shares listed on the London Stock Exchange will remain unchanged, as per below.

Share Class TIDM ISIN
UK Equity Shares IVPU GB00B1DPVL60
Global Equity Income Shares IVPG GB00B1DQ6472
Balanced Risk Allocation Shares IVPB GB00B1DQ6696
Managed Liquidity Shares IVPM GB00B1DQ6704

No new share certificates are being issued in respect of existing shares held in certificated form, but any new share certificates will be issued in the name of Invesco Select Trust plc.  Shareholders should retain their existing share certificates which will continue to be valid.

Invesco Asset Management Limited
Corporate Company Secretary
Telephone: 02037531000

15 February 2021