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Annual Bonus Dividend

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CIC Capital Ltd
02 June 2014



("CIC" or the "Company")


Annual issue of Bonus Dividend


CIC Capital Ltd (Canada) the consulting and advisory firm operating primarily in the mining and energy sectors, is pleased to announce the intention to issue a bonus dividend to all registered shareholders.


Shareholders will be aware that the board of CIC has a policy of rewarding shareholdersÕ loyalty with additional equity in the Company.  In the past two years, shareholders have received a bonus dividend of Special Series B Class Non-Voting shares (the "B Shares"). 


This year, shareholders will receive a bonus dividend of common shares (voting), together with common Shares in CIC Gold, CIC Fuels, CIC Coal and Sino Reserves (CIC investments).


This award to shareholders will be the third year running that a dividend has been awarded by the Company and we are pleased that we have been able to extend this dividend to include for the first time equity in the CompanyÕs underlying shareholdings in its investments (the ÒBonus DividendÓ).


The record date for the proposed bonus dividend will be Friday, 6 June 2014 (the ÒRecord DateÓ).


Bonus Dividend Award to shareholders:


CIC Capital Ltd (Canada) Common shares


Shareholders shall receive Bonus Shares equivalent to 4 per cent, of their shareholding at the Record Date.



CIC Capital Ltd (Canada) Investments Common shares Bonus Dividend


The Bonus Dividend shares will be calculated by the total number of shares held by each shareholder at the Record Date, multiplied by the Bonus Dividend percentage as follows:

CIC Gold

CIC Fuels

CIC Coal

Sino Reserves

2 years or more





1 year or less







Where applicable, CIC will seek confirmation by the nominee of the duration of the shareholding by  the beneficial owner and the total number of shares held at the Record Date.


By adopting this method shareholders can acquire additional shares in the Company before the Record Date to maximize the Bonus dividends by purchasing shares in the following manner:


i)     For purchases of shares amounting to less than GBP4,000, through their broker, by accessing the matched bargain service operated by JP Jenkins (Phone +44 (0) 207 469 0938); or


ii)    For purchases or shares amounting to greater than GBP 4,000, by application through the Company by entering into a subscription agreement where by each share will attract a share warrant at 4 UK pence exercisable on or before 31 December 2015 (Contact [email protected] or  Phone: +86 136 0113 1912).  Subscriptions below GBP4,000 will not be accepted.


It is anticipated the Investment Companies stated above will be listed on a prescribed exchange in due course.


Stuart J. Bromley, CEO and a substantial shareholder, has elected not to receive the dividend entitlements for a third year. Balfour Fund and Jarada will also not qualify for the dividend. The Bonus Dividend will increase the free float of the company and dilute the shareholding by CompanyÕs founder Stuart J. Bromley.



Stuart J. Bromley, CEO commented: ÒThis year the Bonus Dividend includes shares in investments in companies we hold equity in. The bonus dividend rewards our shareholders and reflects our growth and the boardÕs confidence in the future.




Company Enquiries  

CIC Capital Ltd

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Andrew Raca

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CIC Capital Ltd 

The Company is a consulting and advisory company, operating primarily in the mining and energy infrastructure sectors. The Company seeks to provide consulting and advisory services to entities operating at various stages of resource development, and the exclusive right to control the public listing process of any client company if the client company is an unlisted company.


The core services provided by CIC Capital Ltd. are: the Advisory Service which provides a range of technical, project management, strategic and commercial services; the Strategic Investment Service which helps companies source investment from industry partners for which the Company will typically receive an equity interest; and Advice on Listings where the Company helps the client realize value by listing on a stock exchange

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