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Mediapolis Update - Confirmation of deposit of ...

Mediapolis Update - Confirmation of deposit of acts

Clear Leisure plc

13 January 2014

(“Clear Leisure” or “the Company”)

Mediapolis Update - Confirmation of deposit of acts

Further to the announcements of 22 November 2013 and 7 January 2014, the Board of Clear Leisure announces that Mediapolis S.p.A. (Mediapolis) has submitted on 10 January 2014 to the Ivrea Tribunal, a formal proposal for the restructuring of the Mediapolis debt, the “Concordato in Continuità”.

All the formal documents of the procedure and a new video of the project, can be found on the Company’s website ( and this will be available from Tuesday, 14 January 2014.

The key facts in relation to the proposal are as follows:


EUR 35,600,000

EUR 2,418,000

EUR 1,800,929

Total Mediapolis liabilities:

EUR 14,004,742

EUR 2,214,187

Liabilities attributable to the different assets:

Mediapolis NAV:

Based on the values presented in the plan, on approval, the Net Asset Value of Mediapolis has been established as EUR 23,600,000, of which:

Total funds required in supporting the debt free project:

The proposal requires the company to cover all its creditors and payables based on the plan, to achieve a debt free company is as follows:

The following are the next steps in the process:

The Tribunal generally responds after two weeks from the submission of the plan and will provide one or more of the following alternative outcomes:

In the case of the approval of the plan, all the debt positions will be frozen until 30 June 2015, where the company will have the obligation to pay EUR 12 million.

NAV per Clear Leisure shares:

Based on the figures presented in the Mediapolis restructuring “Concordato in Continuità” plan, the value of Clear Leisure’s Mediapolis stake, based on a 69.45 per cent. ownership and on 199,409,377 shares is the following:

Alfredo Villa, Chief Executive of Clear Leisure, said: "The board of Mediapolis has decided that the debt restructuring is the best way to protect the value of the investment in the Mediapolis project against claims from creditors. It is expected that this will accelerate the obtaining of the requisite planning permissions for this project and avoid the risk that creditors might oppose a sale of the project. The restructuring reduces the debt owed by Mediapolis thus potentially increasing the value of the investment held by the Company. Whilst there is a small risk that the restructuring might be rejected by the court thus potentially leading to a liquidation of Mediapolis, the board of Mediapolis deemed that the potential benefits far outweigh any such risk."

The Company will issue a further announcement following a response from the court.

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