Dirs' Dealing InvTst

Board Changes & Withdrawal of General Meeting

For immediate release on 2 December 2009

     The Directors' Dealing Investment Trust Plc ("DDIT" or the "Company")     

                                 Board Changes                                 

                 Withdrawal of Requisition of General Meeting                  

The Board of DDIT announces that Mr Brett Miller and Mr Liam Murray have today
been appointed, respectively, Chairman and non executive director of the
Company. On 20 November 2009 the Board announced that the Company has received
a written requisition from Manchester & Metropolitan Investment Ltd
("MMIL"), the Company's largest shareholder currently holding 45.7 per cent. of
the issued share capital, to convene a general meeting proposing, inter alia,
ordinary resolutions to appoint Mr Miller and Mr Murray as directors of the
Company. MMIL has today agreed to withdraw its requisition.

The Board of DDIT also announces that Mr Jonathan Carr and Mr Garth Milne have
today resigned as directors of the Company. This follows the recent request
made by Mr M Sheppard, a director of Midas Investment Management Limited
("Midas"), to consider the appointment of Midas as the Company's investment
manager and to modify the Company's investment policy to incorporate some
additional risk management filters to the investment selection process. Midas
is associated to MMIL through common shareholders.

Brief biographies of each of the newly appointed directors are as follows.

Brett Miller

Mr Miller is a General Partner of Damille Partners and until July this year he
was the Managing Director and key shareholder of Ruegg & Co Limited, a
London-based corporate finance boutique and member firm of the London Stock
Exchange.   In July 2009, he sold Ruegg & Co to Astaire Securities plc having
built up the firm since 2000. Mr Miller is an executive director of China
Growth Opportunities Limited and since being appointed to the board in January
2009, he has been instrumental in significantly reducing the cost base of this
fund, restructuring the management arrangements and rationalising the
portfolio.  Mr Miller also presently serves as a non executive director of West
China Cement Limited and Pactolus Hungarian Property PLC, as well as serving as
the non executive Chairman of Globo PLC and was previously a director of
Gledhow Investments plc.  Mr Miller joined Nabarro Nathanson, a London-based
law firm, in September 1993 where he completed his articles and practiced until
December 1997. 

Liam Murray

Liam Murray is a Chartered Accountant, having qualified at Price
Waterhouse.  Mr Murray has significant experience in advising small and mid cap
public companies on corporate finance and regulatory issues.  He was previously
a director of Dowgate Capital Advisers Limited a subsidiary of Dowgate Capital
PLC, an AIM listed company, having joined Dowgate in 2004 and played an
important role in its growth and development prior to its subsequent
acquisition by Astaire Securities in 2009. While at Dowgate, Mr Murray advised
companies on corporate reorganisations and corporate restructuring mandates,
assisting a number of companies to effect cost reduction programs.  Mr Murray
is currently a director of Cairn Financial Advisers Limited.

There are no further disclosures required in relation to the appointments of Mr
Miller and Mr Murray pursuant to LR9.6.13.

Mr Miller commented: "The new Board expects to undertake a thorough review of
the current structure of the fund and in particular its cost structure. We
thank the Board for their previous contributions to the Company and we wish
them well in the future."

Brett Miller/Liam Murray                07770 447 338